Part 37

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There was a large building with decorations on it. A lot of reporters were outside with their cameras. Obviously, it was a business party!

They wouldn't want to miss this big chance to find something interesting!

Inside the big building, there was a large chandelier, music playing and food and treats standing on the side while the businessman with tuxedos and women with formal elegant dresses talk in the middle.

The door was wide open and more people just kept coming.

In the big crowds, there was Zen in a tuxedo, standing next to his father, Mr. Jerio. Mr. Jerio was happily talking to the others while Zen had a bored face.

Why did he come here?

Well, he was forced to.

Zen could only sigh in his mind. He excused himself and left the big crowds to get himself a drink.

He stood by the side and was drinking peacefully until a group of young ladies came and surrounded him.

He couldn't stand and almost barfed at their extreme strong perfume.

"Hi, my name's Maxie! Please to meet you...again, hehe, Zen~" Maxie said to Zen with her sweet honey voice.

Zen ignored her. He knew who she was. She's the spoiled princess who would try to curry his favor and try to jump on his bed.

Maxie felt angry that she couldn't even get one look from Zen!

I even wore my most expensive dress today!

"Um, hey Zen. That tuxedo looks good on you! Do you have a partner? Well, if you don't have one, then... I could be your pa—"

Her words were cut off when there was a loud noise outside.

Zen turn his attention to the noise and heard a few clinks and saw flashes from the cameras from the reporters.

"Lady 16 (Eve's name?)!!"

"Lady 16, look over here!!"

"Lady 16!!"

There, a beautiful blonde girl with black glasses came out of the car, with her partner that was very handsome with light blue hair tied up.

Zen suddenly felt familiar right away with this girl and a smile sprouted on his face without him knowing.

She walked into the room with the aura of a young businesswomen, coming along with brave and gentle.

She scanned the room that had everyone's attention.

"That's Lady 16!?"

"The rumored young boss of Ewin's Box!? Waaah!! I never thought it was a girl!!"

"I heard she's in school!!"

"She's so pretty!!"

"I'm a fan of her restaurant in Ewin's Box!! It's so good!"

Eve fixed her black glasses and look right next to her. She smiled at Nick who also smiled at her as she took his free hand and walked into the crowds.

"Woah! Who is he?"

"He's so hot!!"

"Um, 911? Yeah, we got a total emergency! There are 10 people down! I repeat, 10 people are down! The cause? A very beautiful couple had entered the den and are now killing it!!!!"

——————While Eve..———————

I sweatdropped at the comment the guest made.

They are going too far...

I never thought, us, being together can make this much damage. I look at Nick and see him naturally smiling and talking to the young businessman that surrounded us.

Looks like he can do it well.

I whisper to Nick that I'm going to drink and that he shouldn't accept a drink from anyone and that he shouldn't drink anything except water!!

He gives me a look and nods and goes back into talking to one of the young businessman, answering their question.

I grab a glass of water and drink it sip by sip until I notice a familiar figure coming towards me which made me roll my eyes.

Why are you smiling!

Zen finally realizes that it's Eve and walks towards her with a smile on his face which made Maxie froze on the spot and watch him walk towards to the blonde women.

"Eve. We must be fated." He teased.

I rolled my eyes and scoff.

"Zen, you see me everyday except weekends." I said as a matter a fact as I drink my water!! Yes, I'm thirsty!!!

He chuckles and stands right next to me and looks at me.

Why you looking at me like that, you pervert.

"Why are you staring at me like that, you idiot?" I asked him, as I look back at him with a raised brow.

He shrugs.

"I don't know. I just think you're the most beautiful women Ive ever seen." He truthfully said as he takes a sip of his drink.


"W-well, stop staring! It's getting suspicious." I whisper to him with shaded red cheeks.

He raised his eyebrows and looks around and turns back to me.

"Who would thinks it's suspicious? We're classmates. That's not suspicious." He said as he looks at me with a teasing smile.

I look at him with an angry pouty face.

Hate him! Hate him! Hate him!

"Hmp! Whatever!" I drink my water, not noticing Zen smiling at me.

So cute...

He thought as he saw her face.

That was interrupted when he saw his father smiling at him. Zen smile dropped and sighed.

"I'll be right back." He said to me and left.

I rather not let you come back.

I listening to the piano playing and other instruments playing along. Very peaceful and pleasant.

"Hey, you!" A voice interrupted my peace and I looked up at her with a smile.

"Yes?" I smiled at the unknown girl in front of me with thick makeup and in an expensive and long fluffy dress.

"Who are you to Zen?!" She asked me with her girls behind her.

Eh? Ehhh!!!? Zen? What about Zen?

No way...

Are we in a situation, where the mean girl comes to the good girl and tells her not to blah blah blah to the handsome guy?!


My dad was listening to Boy with Luv by BTS!!! Yes, he's an ARMY!!! Thank you for noticing. Hah. My brother and I made him listening to BTS and he became an ARMY.

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