Coffee For Take Out (OnGoing)

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What if one day, you just realize that is not only a crush, a puppy love, or an infatuation? But you can already feel that you love that person so much that you are ready to give up everything just for him? But he didn't feel the same way about you? How can you handle that? How can you be brave that every time you make a move, push yourself into him, he doesn't care at all and hurt you with mean and heartless words? But if one day you'll end up giving yourself to him because finally! He can see you already! He did give his attention to you, he did love you! Or just so you thought but its not?

Heartaches, heartless, users, lust. I sound bitter but this is me. My name is Connie but you can call me Coffee, and this is my story.

- Coffee For Take Out.

Characters, events, scenarios are fiction. If there's any case that you have heard or read some of the soon-to-be chapters of this story, I will guarantee you all that this story will be fully based on my imagination and experiences in my life. But I will still gonna use some of the knowledge I've learned from the other author's stories that I've read, but put it in a way that my readers would not think that I perjurized other's work.

Also want comments and please do favorite every chapter if its okay with you. There's a reason why this is an ON GOING story and not a complete one so bear with me. I'm not always free to update or my mind sometimes won't have enough knowledge to publish a good chapter. Please be patient and do understand me. Thank you!

WARNING!: This is a side story of Fatty To Sexy so expect that some of the chapters will be SPG and not allowed for some of the readers who doesn't like those kind of scenes and not allowed also for those underage.

You've been warned and been brief about the story. Its still up to you if you're gonna read it. Thank you and Godbless us all!

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