Part 1

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As the bell shrieks, I run out of the Geometry classroom and around the corner to my locker. I have this precisely planned out, I leave class and go to my locker. By the time I open my locker other students are just getting there. I pull my sack lunch out and hastily make way to my lunch area.

I shuffle behind a tree and see the old, wooden picnic table. I sigh in relief and throw my lunch onto it. I scratch my arm as I sit down on the worn bench. I see old engravings in the wood, from years ago. I sigh again and rip open my lunch sack.

"Hello." A deep voice says. I startles me, and my apple goes flying up in the air. I stand up to catch it, but the taller boy catches it before I do. I look up and stare into magnificent eyes. A smirk dances across his face as he holds the apple to me. I blink a few times and grab the apple from his hand. His clothing choice is different, a tee-shirt with the words My Chemical Romance on the front. A jacket with spikes layers over it. His skinny jeans lead down to green converse sneakers.

"Sorry I scared you there, just figured I'd give you some company."

I shake my head. He sits across from me, putting his own sack lunch on the table. "You don't want company?" he asks.

I shake my head again, "N-never h-had i-i-it, d-don't n-need it." I manage to say.

"Why's that?" he questions me.

"I j-just d-d-don't, 'kay?" I snap.

"Fine, grumpy." he mumbles, looking down at his brown paper bag with the word Castiel on it. "What's your name?" he asks.

I shake my head and stand to leave. He grabs my wrist, looking my square in the eye. "Don't be afraid, I don't bite." I tug my arm out of his grip and crouch down under branches.

"I just want to know your name, okay? Not your friggin social security number."

I freeze and look back. He is standing now, his eyes pleading.

"D-d-dean Winc-chester," I say quietly.

He grins and holds his hand out, "Cas Novak, nice to meet you Dean."

I nod and move closer to him so I can shake his hand. I slip my hand into his and shake it. I feel my face heating up and I look down to hide my blush.

"Now sit, won't you?" he asks, pointing to where I was originally sitting. I sit across from him and open the sandwich bag. A ham and cheese sandwich sits inside, made by my Mom. I smile and tear the crust off the triangle half.

"Tell me, Dean, what are you doing after school?"

"I-uh, I- n-not a-alot." I answer, flushing hard.

"Well, do you wanna come over? Hang out?"

I blink and as I'm about to nod, I stop. "N-no I'-m g-oo-d-d." I answer.

His smirk falls and he squints his eyes at me. "Why not?"

"I-I d-d-don't n-need -f-friends, C-Castiel."

"Why is that?" he asks me and I just want to put my head through a wall. I shake my head and stand to leave for the second time that day.

"Dean, come on! You're a nice guy and-"

"A-And wh-what?" I mutter loud enough for him to hear.

His face changes from tan to red in .3 seconds, "And you're kinda cute."

"I- Cas, n- ga- h-" I stutter even more, cursing myself. Why can't I speak like a normal person?

"I know, its just, all year last year and this year you've been driving me crazy!" he almost yells.

I search for words, my jaw open. I blink a few times before I feel a hand on my waist. I jump at the touch, even though I watched him walk over to me. I suddenly feel very self conscious. I fold my arms over my stomach and look down at the ground. His hand drew a line from my ear to my chin, lifting it up.

"I-" I start, "I a-am n-not g-g-gay." Whispering the last word.

Cas looks down into my eyes, seeing them filled with tears. My breathing gets heavier as I run my hand along the length of my sore arm.

"Dean, what's wrong?" he whispers, pushing a few strands of hair from my face.

The bell rings just as a tear falls cleanly down my face.

"Do you wanna go home?" Cas asked and I shook my head sharply. "Do you wanna leave?" he asks, I nod slowly.

"Come home with me." he says, pulling my sleeve. I have no choice but to obey.

Hi. This isn't the new one you are probably looking for from the S&C series. That will hopefully be posted later this week/month. Not to far :) This is probably all going to be fluff or whatever. I just needed some punk!Cas and shy!dean highschool AU. and short. sozzy bout that.


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