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"You need to stop," Thea says sternly into the phone, glaring at the wall in front of her to direct her anger somewhere besides someone who, thankfully, is nowhere near her.

"Well, hello to you too," Emily replies sarcastically.  "Having a nice day?  How're Awsten and the twins?"

"Don't talk about my kids or Awsten," Thea orders, anger increasing already, "this is fucking done.  No more messaging him or his sister or Elijah or anyone in our family.  No more talking about any of it."

"It's cute that you think you can tell me what to do.  What makes you think I'm gonna listen to you if I didn't listen to him?" Emily questions, sounding amused.

"Let me explain something to you here," Thea begins, speaking slowly as if Emily wouldn't understand her otherwise, "what you did, all that shit you put him through?  Fucking illegal.  The harassment online you're going on with now?  Fucking illegal.  Last time he went for a restraining order and that didn't work so you know what next time is gonna be if you don't stop?  Pressing actually charges.  And there's more than enough evidence against you.  Screenshots of everything.  Maybe think before you fucking tweet.  And there are still those pictures from when he was in the hospital.  Not to mention the fact that you decided to go rent out his old apartment 'cause you're so fucking obsessed with him.  If you don't stop, you will go to jail."

There's a pause, the silence tense and angry on both sides of the phone call.

"He wouldn't go through with it," Emily denies, "he barely made it through the hearing for the restraining order.  He wouldn't go through with this."

"You don't know him.  Trust me, he will.  This right here is your only warning.  Try anything else and I can guarantee you he will go through with pressing charges and having your psycho ass sent to prison.  Leave our family the fuck alone."


the end!

book three, stitch me up, coming soon!

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