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*trigger warning, mentions of suicide*

The next morning

"Hey Mark." Haechan said as he walked into the living room smiling.

"Good morning baby are you okay your quite happy baring in mind that you had a breakdown yesterday?" Mark said as he gestured for the younger to come sit with him on the couch.

"Yeah I'm fine, actually I'm great. I just finished speaking to Yangsoon and we spoke everything out I'm actually going to meet him at 2 so in about 3 hours." He said as he sat down next to Mark.

"When did you talk to him, I never saw you or heard you talking to anyone?"

"Oh i woke up and heard you leave the room, then when i sat up to follow you he text me so I ended up texting him. I guess I lost track of time."

"What did he say?"


Unknown: umm...hey haechan :0

Haechan: hi who is this?

Unknown: shit sorry, it's me yangsoon :/

Haechan : Oh hi yangsoon whats up?

Change Name To:

Yangsoon: I just really want to apologise for everything I've done. I completely understand if you wanna block me out of your life, it's not like I'm really relevant to you. I know what I done is unforgivable and I hate myself for hurting you like that

Yangsoon: I never deserved to be your friend, let alone be your bestfriend. I never deserved to even meet you in the first place. Heck I never even deserved to be born, I wish it would be my mom down here instead of me yanno :"D. She suffered so much because of me.

Yangsoon: Maybe I should join her? Then I would know what pain she went through.

Yangsoon: dont you think that's a good idea right haechan ?

Haechan: Yangsoon shut the fuck up you never made your mom suffer not one bit, you never don't anything wrong and both you and I know that your mom didn't take her life because of you . It was because of work, she didn't have a stable job and they treated her like shit, they didn't care that she was a single mom or that she couldn't bring that much food onto the table let alone have a roof over your heads. She just couldn't handle it anymore.

Haechan: I know it hurts talking about this, it hurts so fucking much, I obviously can't understand the amount of pain you when through and probably are still in because I've never experienced something like that.

Haechan: please don't feel like like this was your fault.

Yangsoon: Channie...

Haechan: yeah?

Yangsoon: thank you, for everything, again I'm sorry about everything that I done to, I know that because I hurt you means that you won't ever forgive me and I respect that, but I hope you can forgive me for being a bitch?

Haechan: no matter how much I hate you for doing that to me, and yes I won't forgive you even for that, I forgive you for everything else.

Yangsoon: seriously thank you, would you like to meet up to get lunch at around 2?

Haechan: of course where do you wanna go :)

Yangsoon: well my moms old friend opened a ramen place not to far from here you wanna go there?

Haechan: Sounds good I'll see you in abit okay :D

Yangsoon: okay I'll see you soon then.

Haechan: okay bye

Back to present

"I don't wanna pressure you because I'm always asking you questions but, why did you seriously forgive him?" Mark said as he handed back the younger boy his phone.

"Now that I think about it, I don't actually know? Something in my mind told me to forgive him, despite what happened yesterday I and what happened a few days before, I really don't know." Donghyuck said as he looked at Mark.

"I do feel bad for him though, I never knew that your friend felt like that. But I'm still not forgiving him for hurting you. Anyway go get ready, you need to look good but not too good because your mine, you always look good though so I'm not really compla-"

"Mark stooooop." The shorter boy whined, his face flushing a bright red.

"Awe hyuckie your so cute."

"Shut up."


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