What Happened Next

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[(Y/N)'S POV]





No. I'm here.

Life is a crazy thing, huh? I was great. The Dual Bender. There are legends in my name. I was meant to be the Fire Lady. To rule my nation, with my husband. 

That was my destiny. 


Now, I'm suspended in some fluid. Kidnapped by crazy people.

But, it's better than nothing. 

They don't understand my strength, really. 

They don't realize that I'm fully conscious.

 When they're out, I practice my bending. It's still there. Weaker, but still. I'm suspended in fluid. There's water in here. I tried bending it. It worked. It just takes concentration

I'm biding my time. 

They take me out twice a day, to feed me, run tests. 

But... I guess everyone's wondering why I'm here. 

What exactly they're doing with me. 

Who exactly they are. 

I'll start with that. 

Who they are, I mean. 

They call themselves, the Black Lotus. Basically, the Anti-White Lotus. Stupid name if you ask me. That's not even a tile in Pai Sho. 


Their goal? These are Ozai-sympathizers. They don't like what Zuko and I are doing with the Fire Nation. Peace? Guess that's overrated. They want to overthrow Zuko, make a new nation. A new world. 

So, why me

The most obvious reason, I'm "Zuko's weakness", as well as a part of Team Avatar. They're counting on Zuko and the rest of the team to slowly fall apart upon my "death".

They want Zuko to leave the Fire Nation vulnerable. The world vulnerable.

That however, is not the only reason. 

I mean they're keeping me alive. Why?

Easy. They're trying to create more fusion benders. Apparently, other couples from different nations, have not produced bibending children. Bibending. Catchy, right? So, they thought by studying me, the only known bibender there is, they could figure out a way to essentially engineer more. Use them as weapons. They have yet to figure out how to do this.

There is a total of five people.

The first one is that crazy bitch who brought me here in the first place. The Chi-Blocker. Her name is Aiko. That means beloved one. Ironic, huh? She's the only real threat. Her absolute insanity, makes her a little tough to get around. I would have to beat her, without letting her lay a hand on me. If I get Chi-Blocked, it's over.

The second, some dummy soldier. He's the brawn. Kuro. He looks like he's been put through a machine that gives you muscles. He can't bend. Not that he'd need too. Still. Not so hard to outsmart.

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