Chapter Seventeen

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As I reached the tree line, I kept sprinting into the forest. After a minute, I took a hard right to stay in sight of the mansion so I could get on the main road and find my way back to town.

When I was sure no one was following me, I stopped to rest for a second, then took a look at the dagger in my hand. It was small, no longer than a foot. The hilt was made of gold (or metal that looked like gold) and wrapped in soft brown leather. The weird part was the blade. It was bright yellow and looked to be some sort of crystal because it was slightly see-through.

I got distracted looking at the blade and someone came up from behind me and tackled me to the ground.

"Bitch!" The person shouted. It was Kayla. But how did she get out of the cell?

She grabbed the back of my head and slammed it into the ground. I reared my elbow back and got her in the gut. She fell off my back and I went searching for the dagger in the dirt. It was knocked out of my hand only a few feet away.

I crawled to it, but Kayla grabbed my ankles and tried to pull me back to her. I flipped over and kicked her in the throat. She coughed and fell back on the ground. I scrambled to get the dagger and when I picked it up this time I felt a slight static shock.

I stood up and held the dagger out towards Kayla who had managed to get to her knees. When she saw it, instead of being afraid, she started laughing. And that made her cough even more.

"Stay away from me," I said, pointing the dagger right at her head.

"I'm not afraid of your little knife, missy. You can't even use it anyway."

I narrowed my eyes wondering what she meant, and she leaped and tackled me again, this time from my waist. I made sure to keep a tight grip on the dagger this time so it didn't go flying. She towered over me and had a wicked smile on her face. She raised her fist and as she brought it down I sliced through it with the dagger.

She started seizing and her hair stood up on it's end as she fell over next to me, the blade still stuck in her wrist. I could smell something burning like someone left the toaster going too long.

She wasn't moving, but her eyes were frozen open. After a few seconds, she twitched again but still didn't look like she was awake.

I stayed on the ground, unable to get my arms and legs to move after what I just saw. The knife appeared to have given her an electric shock.

Footsteps were approaching, and soon two men appeared across the way staring at me and Kayla. One was tall with black hair cut short and neat and was wearing the same riot gear that guy inside the mansion was wearing. The other was of medium height with what appeared to be shaggy dark rusty hair cut short as well, but more sloppily. And instead of riot gear, he wore a leather jacket, jeans, and boots.

I wasn't in the mood to fight again, but I would if I had to, so I ripped the dagger out of Kayla's wrist and it made a thick, wet sound. I stood up and waved the dagger at the men, ready to take them on because I was not going back to that cage.

"Stay back!" I shouted at them and started backing away. Kevin was right behind me and hissing at the man with the red hair.

They both put up their hands but still tried to take slow steps toward me. "Hold on now," the redhead said. "No need for that."

"We can take her, Vince," the other one said. "She can't use that crystal anyway."

"But it still works as a knife," Vince said.

I continued trying to step away from then and waving the knife from one of them to the other. "I don't care if you are one of those vampires from the mansion-" riot gear held up a finger, "or one of the people who attacked it. I am going home and if you get in my way I will hurt you."

Vince stopped stepping towards her, but riot gear kept advancing. "Listen, Mia-" I stumbled over a rock. How did he know my name? "We're here to help you-"

I couldn't take it anymore. I furiously jabbed the dagger in his direction and was about to tell him to shut up, when a giant bolt of lightning burst out of it. Unfortunately, I have bad aim and it hit the tree next to him. But both men ducked and hit the floor to try and avoid it.

Capitalizing on the moment, I turned and started running through the forest again. I heard Kevin trailing after me and hoped those two men weren't. I just kept running and eventually, I made it to the main road.

Instead of walking alongside it and waiting for someone to take in a hitch hiker, I stayed in the treeline alongside it and kept spriting back towards town. After a while, I had to stop to get a drink of water, but I didn't stop for long before I resumed moving. I just kept running and running towards home.

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