Chapter 39

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It had to have been at least an hour of the two boys sitting in the room, waiting for at least one of the guards to come back. It was obvious Benji couldn't get up, his entire back was torn apart. He did his best to look tough, but Jorge knew the other boy was in terrible pain. Every inhale and exhale seemed to drain a little more life out of the boy, his back burning as it rose and fell with his lungs. Jorge would've left to get someone, if it wasn't for Benji's pleads for him to stay.

Jorge was propped up against one of the velvet chairs, a few buttons on his button down undone. His hair was a mess, going in all sorts of directions. Benji's was even more tangled, since the wig he wore was thrown off a bit ago. When Benji's back started to rise and fall at a normal pace, Jorge knew he was asleep. It was the most calm he'd seen Benji that night.

Speaking of his back, the white bandages that laced all up his spine were practically soaked with blood by now, the white almost fully dissipated. It was clear the cut wasn't clotting up anytime soon. Stitches were really the only option of salvaging Benji's middle back.

Because Benji's eyes were shut and his breaths were even, Jorge quickly shuffled out of the room, racing down the hallways at an alarming speed. As his feet hit the carpeted corridors, Jorge's mind flashbacked to the endless amount of pleads Benji made to Jorge.

"P-please don't leave me." His lip quivered, trying to cock his head to meet the other boy's eyes.

"I-I won't." All Jorge could do was run his hand on Benji's face as he repeated the same cried out phrase over and over again. It made Jorge cringe inside.

He had to have heard it hundreds of times in the last hour, the painful tone just made it so much worse.

But Benji won't wake up that soon, right? All Jorge needed was enough time to find one guard. Corner after corner, the small spark of hope shriveled ever so slightly inside his body.

Where are all the guards?

The only other presumable option was with the King, but there's probably one...

With Camilla and Fiona! That's right, now that Jorge remembered correctly, a few guards assisted the two girls to their rooms.

A guard in a green uniform stood outside the two doors leading to both Fiona and Camilla's rooms. Running out of breath, Jorge struggled to form a coherent sentence. "B-Benji... is hurt... downstairs..." He stammered, his hands on his knees attempting to grab onto what little air he had. An alarmed expression passed over the man's face in a split second, before returning neutral and entering one of the rooms. Camilla must've heard, since Jorge noticed a few of her complaints being audible through the door.

"What do you mean he's hurt? I'm going down there."

"I'm sure His Majesty would not like that company right now." Jorge could almost imagine her lips pursed together in a thin line.

"Screw what he says. I want to see Benji."

"Like we said, I'm sure he wants to be alone right now." Camilla just huffed, before Jorge heard a creak of the bed.

He hadn't realized how close his body was to the door until the wood swung open, revealing two guards ready to follow Jorge.

Did the guards just refer to Benji as "Your Magesty"? It had to be a mistake.

The two guards and Jorge made it down to the room, the men in green uniforms gasping at the sight. It must've started to bleed even more, the white cloth almost soaked. Benji's face was red and he was shaking a bit, sobs overflowing his body. When he noticed Jorge standing in the doorway, his expression just went cold.

"Y-You left me." He croaked, his cold face shifting back into crying mode. One of the guards took off in a sprint, presumably to get assistance.

"Baby, I-I wont do it again, I'm right here now." Jorge just shuffled to sit down, setting Benji's head in his lap.

"I woke up, and you were gone..." Benji's voice cracked horrifically on the last word, another wave of emotions overtaking him.

The guard walked forward to Benji, horrified at the sight. "How did this happen?" Jorge wasn't sure if it was rhetorical, but he answered anyways.

"The King, he...went mad and attacked Benji about an hour ago, and I've been trying to bandage everything up, but the bleeding won't stop and I don't know what to do, and-" his voice was shaky and fast, clear fear in his bones.

"Calm down, I can see you wrapped it up a bit ago, but let's re-wrap it, I'm unsure how long Jason will take to get help." Jorge was a bit relieved at the guard's attempt to stay calm, reassuring the panicked boy in front of him. And so they took off the bloody cloth, replacing it with new, clean bandages. All Benji could do was stare straight ahead with his stomach to the floor, wetness seeping out of his eyes.


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