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"millie?" a familiar voice asked as millie turned her head to him.

her eyes widened and teared up. her best friend who she thought was dead. the boy who was her friend. the one that was always there for her. the one who was her real family.

"noah fucking schnapp." millie said.

she ran to him to be engulfed in a warm hug. his arms wrapped around her tiny waist. she squeezed his torso.

"long time no see? what's it been... 10 years?" noah asked, looking into her golden brown irises.

"too long." millie said punching his arm lightly.

"hey i want to flirt with him too." a crapulous guy from the crowd said. he had dark brown curls. not like finn's , but more voluminous.

"come here grazer." noah laughing while side hugging the guy and nuzzling his nose into noah's neck.

"jack. grazer. my friends call me jackie but you call me jack." he said as millie rolled her eyes.

"okay jackie." millie said making jack easily triggered.

"don't you fucking call me that!" jack said as he was trying to escape the strong grip noah had on him.

"okay jackie calm down." finn said putting his hand up to jack's infuriated face.

millie's eyes scanned the room. she hoped she could see another childhood friend. but no other face was recognizable. none.

soon enough the chatter in the room started to build up again. finn grabbed millie's and brought her to the bar. she almost tripped at his speed.

"you want a drink?" he asked.


"you want a cigarette?"


"you want a tour?"


"you want food?"


"you wanna leave?"


"too bad."

"what the fuck?!" millie asked raising her hands in disbelief. she was definitely mad now.

"yeah i'll show you around." he said as millie groaned. he grabbed her wrist lightly and brought her upstairs to the rooftop.

all of downtown san diego was visible. millie looked at the bright lights and smiled softly. finn looked at her then back at the town then back at her and so on.

millie didn't mind. as much as she didn't want to admit it, she didn't hate finn. he wasn't that bad. he wasn't ugly. she never saw anything past the friendship boundary.

"beautiful isn't it?" he asked as she shyly turned to the boy admiring the lights and sound of san diego.

"very." millie said looking back at the city herself. then she looked down.

when she felt finn's stare on the side of her face, she turned her head quickly in hopes of meeting his eyes. but he had turned his head back to see downtown. millie felt unsatisfied. she felt bold.

so, she gently placed her hand on his cheek and lightly adjusted his stare to face her. she saw right through him. she saw his soft side, his sensitive side. she was thankful though. he was sorta punk rock, she grew up on hip hop, but she was glad to see this. his cheeks were a dark red. millie chuckled. she let go of his cheek and shook her head while looking at the ground.

"you're bad at hiding your emotions wolfhard." she said. he knew she was gnomic and would never show her feelings, but he just couldn't help it.

"it just takes one person brown. one person to make that happen." he said playing as millie started to play with her fingers.

"yeah but infatuation is the problem." millie said as she looked up. holding back her tears, she said, "hey could you get me a cigarette?"

she knew it would stop her crying. she could fake a cough attack. it does sound vexatious but pretty believable. plus finn was gullible enough for this trick.

"here." he said handing her the cigarette. she quickly lit it with a match from her jacket pocket.

she started coughing, loudly and brutally. millie actually thought it was quite funny and soon enough her harsh coughs turn into giggles. finn looked at her so confused.

she hasn't even had one drink! holy shit what is happening?! finn thought to himself incredulously.

when millie said finn's concerned face, she just laughed more. finn grabbed her shoulders and made her face him without laughing. she was still trying to hold it in. but finn looked at her cheek in the moonlight. he wiped the edge of the tear streak.

"what's this?" he asked. apparently he wasn't gullible today.

"n-nothing. it was from me coughing." she said, trying to make him believe it.

"ok. sure." he said chuckling. he took her cigarette that was in her hands and took a long smoke. then another.

"do you plan on sharing dog soft?" millie asked smirking.

"just for that nickname, no." he said. millie frowned. finn felt bad. "but, we can trade off."

millie giggled and took the cigarette. finn and millie traded off the cigarette until it was finished. finn never got out another cigarette. millie never asked for another one.

finn wouldn't have changed that moment for anything. millie might have. finn had this feeling with her that was different. she was so badass and he loved it. he loved how bitchy she was. and the funny part was she liked how bitchy he was too.

millie couldn't explain her feelings. it was like at one moment she liked him but the other she hated him. she hated that she liked him. she couldn't stand it. but nothing could make her want to date him. nothing. that's what she told herself.

"hey uh you wanna meet new people?" finn asked standing up.

"if they're like jack, then no." millie said rolling her eyes. still sitting not wanting to get up.

"not all of them want to make you cut your own fucking head off." finn said putting a cigarette against the back of his ear. millie then stood up.

"you sure?" millie asked, very hesitantly as he brought her to the door. then as he opened the wooden door, he muttered,



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