Chapter Thirty-Three: Bow Down pt. 2

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Strong, boney arms wrapped around me like vines, squeezing all the air from my lungs. I tried to scream, but salty water flooded my mouth and nose. It burned, and I thrashed desperately against the vampire holding me back.

I was going to die.

The realization made my heart thunder viciously in my chest. There was nothing I could do, though. Fighting back was only speeding up the process...but it felt better than just succumbing to the darkness clouding my vision.

My body felt like lead, each move getting smaller and harder by the second. My sight was turning black, the churning waters fading from my periphery. But there was a light barreling toward me, urging me to hang on.

It shoved the vampire away, and took me by the hand. Then a cold set of lips were on mine. I tried miserably to push it away, but stopped when I felt air enter my mouth.

I clung to my savior as we ascended the water, greedily taking every bit of oxygen he was giving me. When we breached the surface, I tore my face away to figure out who saved me.

"Nero!" I half-laughed, half-cried.

He cupped my cheek, looking both bewildered and relieved.

"I can't believe that actually worked," he breathed. "Come on, let's get you out of here."

"But what about Dean Lachlan and Aiden?" I gazed at the shore, but could only see a fireball dancing in the dark.

"Don't worry. Lucius and Duke are keeping them busy." He said over his shoulder. "Here. Let me help you get back to the boat."

I gave him a nod and took his hand.

In a flash, Nero put me on his back and began swimming toward the boat. I glanced down while gripping his shoulders, when I noticed something strange on either side of his neck.

Are those gills?

Before I could ask him, something launched us into the air. It snatched me by the hair, just as it had when it dragged me off the boat, and snarled.

"The blood of the Queen revives the Lord." It spat, yanking my head to the side as we fell to earth. "The Queen must die. The Queen must die. THE QUEEN MUST DIE!"

He tore into my throat seconds before we hit the ground, and everything went black.


I was dead.

Not that I knew it at the time. No. I didn't feel dead. But then again, I didn't really feel anything. Not until I felt my heart beat slowly, cautiously, as if were afraid it might stop again.

That's when I knew I had died... and that something had brought me back.

Something cool, thick; oozing into my mouth like liquid pennies. I gagged at the taste, nearly wretching as it hit the back of my throat.


An accented voice softly commanded.

"Gabriel, no." Another male voice pleaded. "She didn't want this!"

"Would you rather her die?" Gabriel shot back. "Please, Miss Ridley, drink."

Too weak to argue, I drank the awful liquid. I began feeling stronger with each sip, and before I realized it, I was clinging on to the liquid's source.

"Good girl," Dean Lachlan cooed, stroking my hair. "Yes, drink from me. Ahh, you are so exquisite."

Every nerve ending was electrified, tingly. I felt myself getting hot, panting, aroused to the point of bursting. All I could think of was drinking whatever he was giving me and fucking his brains out.

Without missing a beat, I straddled his lap and began grinding. Growling in approval, the Dean ripped off my shirt and bra, while my mouth stayed on his neck

"Mine," he rasped, taking one of my nipples between his teeth.

I threw my head back with a moan, and gazed down at his bloody throat. Confused, I reached up to touch my lips. Blood glistened on my fingertips when I brought them back into view, and reality slammed into me.

"Let me go!" I screamed, shoving him to the ground. I scrambled to my feet, stepping back toward the water. "I'm swimming back to the boat."

I'm stronger now. I thought triumphantly. I can make it.

Dean Lachlan sat up, looking a bit dazed. "You cannot leave."

"Oh yeah? Watch me."

Turning, I made a beeline for the ocean and smacked dead into a wall. "What the hell?"

I stared at the open space, wondering what I ran into, and tried again. I was met with resistance once more.

It was like an invisible barrier was built between me and the ocean. There was nothing in front of me, yet I couldn't step past the shore.

"When I said you cannot leave, I meant it literally." Dean Lachlan spoke quietly. "You are physically unable to leave. You have had my blood, which means you are now more vampire than human."

"Vampires can't leave the island." I mumbled, horrified. "I can't leave the island."


Dean Lachlan placed a hand on my lower back and leaned in to whisper, "of course you can. Marry me, and you can come and go as you please."

I whirled around to slap him. Hard. "You son of a bitch! You fed me your blood to trap me here? To force me to marry you?"

"I gave you my blood to save your life." He barked, taking my hand before I could hit him again. "Trapping you here was just an unexpected bonus."

I was so angry, so defeated. With hot tears streaming down my face, I yanked my hand from his, and stormed off.

His intentions really were to save you. Duke thought poignantly. Trapping you hadn't occurred to him until it was too late.

I ignored Duke, disgusted by him trying to justify the Dean's actions. Instead, I stopped to slump against a tree, and sagged to the ground.

I didn't want to bow down, to succumb to the Dean's will. But what choice did I have?

Tucking my knees under my chin, I sobbed uncontrollably, while being consumed by a chasm of hopelessness.

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