tea party//g.d

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(third person pov)

Sadie ran down the hallway, just having woken up from her nap in her uncle E's room. She ran into the kitchen, where her dad usually was. It was her favorite time of the day, and the whole house knew. So where was everyone?

The kitchen was empty, she'd even stood her little stool to see if he was sitting on the counter like he sat her when he was cooking. Scared, she ran around the house, calling for him. "Daddy?" She whispered, waking around.

Now the three-year-old would've been screaming, but she'd been told not to lately. Her mom's huge belly had now vanished and instead came a little human called her sister. Mary-Kate. Oh god, how jealous of Mary-Kate Sadie was. She loved her new sister, but she got all the attention.

Just like today. She finally stumbled into the living room, and right when she thought the monster in her closet had gotten Grayson, she spotted him on the lying on the couch. Smiling, she ran over her teapot in her hand. "Daddy!" She called to him, quietening her voice as she caught sight of the little baby curled up on his chest. "Daddy, wake up," Sadie tried again, shaking Gray's arm. He slowly woke up, one arm reaching up to rub his eye.

"What's wrong princess?" He asked, one hand instinctively reaching over to brush her hair.

"Tea party time!" She squealed. Grayson put a finger to her lips and she closed her mouth, already upset. "Not coming?" She asked quietly.

"I'm with your sister now, Sadie," He whispered. Sadie dropped her arms and sighed. "I'm sorry princess, give me an hour, and I'll join you?" He asked, patting Mary-Kate's diaper down.

Even if she couldn't tell time, Sadie knew an hour is way too long. And by then, it wouldn't be tea party time. She nodded slowly and walked off. "Okay," She whispered, walking down the hall.

Grayson could tell she was upset. She never said 'okay', It was always 'okie dokie'. He sighed, rubbing Mary-Kate's back, promising Sadie mentally to even get her a new tea party set as soon as he could. But all Sadie wanted was a tea party with her daddy.

Next, Sadie tried her mommy. If Grayson was with Mary-Kate, then y/n had to be free, right? Hope in her little heart, Sadie ran down the hall all the way to her mummy and daddy's room. Opening the door, she saw a lump in the sheets. She smiled, walking over to the bed. "Mommy!" She squealed, rubbing on her mom's arm.

Y/N woke up and sighed at the sight of her daughter climbing onto the bed. She smiled, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. "Angel," She said. Sadie grinned at her and held out the teapot.

"Tea party time!" She squealed and y/n winced at how loud she was being. Y/N sighed and shook her head.

"Not today, my love, okay?" Sadie's smile fell and y/n sighed, reaching over to brush her hair. Sadie turned and crawled off the bed. "Baby, mama's just sick today, okay?" Sadie sighed and nodded slowly.

"Well soon," She said quietly, just like her Aunt Cameron had told her to say when someone was sick, before leaving the room quietly, now tears in her eyes. No one wanted to play with Sadie. She cried quietly, dropping her teapot and rubbing her eyes.

Now Ethan, just having woken up from his own nap, had gotten up to go get himself a snack. Rubbing his eyes he was walking down the hallway, past his brother's room, when he accidentally bumped into the three-year-old. He looked down and frowned.

"Pumpkin!" He exclaimed quietly. He crouched down to her and looked at her in the eyes. She was crying. He frowned and pulled her up. "Awh, c'mere," He whispered, lifting her up.

Sadie buried her face into her uncle's shoulder and cried her heart out. Ethan already sad to see his niece crying, had lost his appetite and carried her into his room. "'cle E," She stuttered as he sat her down on the bed. She shook her head and stood up, raising her arms up again. Sighing, he lifted her up.

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