Chapter 51

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A few weeks went by. Jace was always out on missions and didn't really talk to anyone. There was still no sign of Luke and Simon was trying to search for him together with Maia who was a part of the pack that Luke lead. Isabelle and Alec were mostly busy with other stuff about their families. Alec didn't really speak much about it and I figured out if it was important, he would have told me.

Liz and Jonathan were locked up. It was a relief, knowing that my mother's killer was locked away but also anxious, knowing that she was a few feet underneath me. Jace and I didn't talk after the night of our mother's funeral. I know the pain that Jace held inside of him was killing him slowly but he just wanted to be alone. Every time, I tried to talk to him, he wouldn't be there.

I was doing almost nothing. I trained a lot which made me better in fighting and I spent my time in the library, learning about the past of Shadowhunters which was quite interesting. Otherwise, I would have been painting in my room or spending time with little Max. He was just nine but so smart. He looked an awful lot like his big brother Alec.

"Clary! I found a new manga!" Max shouted happily. I smiled and looked at him as he was running towards me. I gave him a hug before he showed me his manga that he wanted to read.

"Pokémon." I said when I read it and Max smiled.

"It is amazing." He said and I smiled.

"Max? What are you doing here?" Alec asked as he came inside his room.

Alec and I were staying in his room. I couldn't be in my room without thinking about how my mother had died in front of my eyes. Being here with Alec made things easier. A lot easier than it was before.

"Stealing your girlfriend." Max replied back to his big brother's question. Alec widened his eyes in shock. He clearly didn't expect his little brother to say that.

"You are acting like a man but she is mine. Isn't Clary?" Alec asked as he came closer and I smiled at him.

"I am not so sure about that. I mean, Max and I spend more time than we do." I said and Max chuckled softly as he hugged me.

"But..." Alec said softly and I smiled. I heard someone knocking on the door and I saw Isabelle.

"Max, mother is waiting for you." Izzy said and Max pouted.

"Do I really have to come? I want to stay with Clary." Max said sadly and held onto my hand.

"You want to be a good boy, right? Then you have to listen to your mother." Alec said and Max sighed.

"Okay, then..." He said with a sad face.

"We can read your manga tomorrow. I promise." I said and I hugged him before he left with Isabelle. Alec closed the door and then looked at me.

"Get yourself ready. We are going out." He said and I looked at him in confusion.

"I thought that we were staying here tonight and just watch a movie." I said in confusion and Alec just smiled at me.

"I know we haven't been spending a lot of time and I called Simon to ask what mundane boyfriends normally do." He said and I laughed softly.

"You called Simon for help?" I asked surprised and he chuckled.

"Believe me, he was as surprised as you are right now." Alec said.

"But that's not the point... I wanted to spend quality time with my girlfriend without my little brother thinking that he has a chance with her." Alec said and I smiled.

"We don't have too. I know that you are tired." I said and he held my hand as he was pulling me closer towards him.

"It is okay." He said before he softly kissed my lips.

"You are showing a lot of love today. Did Max really scare you off?" I joked and chuckled softly. He shrugged.

"You never know. He is cute." He joked and I laughed.

"I want no one else than just you." I said and I saw something in Alec's eyes sparkling but somehow there was a sense of guilt. I could feel it through our parabatai bond and I don't know why.

"So, do you want to go to the restaurant or do you want to watch a movie?" Alec asked totally acknowledging what I just had said to him.

"I don't mind you choose." I said and Alec smiled.

"I think we can watch a movie everywhere. Why don't we just go out and eat?" He asked and I nodded.

"Yeah, that sounds good to me." I said and Alec smiled. I walked over to the closet wher Alec and I both put our clothes in.

Alec and I were sharing everything but we never made it to the next step. The sex step. I wasn't eager to have it now. I wanted to have it at the right time but seeing Alec. It made you feel things. Weird things... Sometimes I really hated myself for it. I put a black dress out that would be just above my knees. I guess this looked alright.

"What do you think about this?" I asked as I showed Alec the dress. He nodded and smiled.

"Whatever you would wear. It will look amazing on you." He said and I blushed slightly.

"Thank you." I said shyly. I quickly walked over to the bathroom to change myself. As I finally put the dress on, I looked at myself in the mirror. I was already wearing make-up and I didn't want to overdo it so left it at that. I let my hair down and my curls were hanging just above my chest.

"I hope he will like this." I said softly to myself before walking out of the bathroom. My mouth fell open when I found Alec in a suit. In a black suit.

"Wow." I breathed out as I looked at him. I wasn't even looking like a normal person. I was just staring at him.

"I guess, that's a good wow." He said with a smile and I nodded.

"Seriously, you in a suit. It's amazing." I said and Alec laughed softly.

"That's my mood whenever I see you walking around." He said and I smiled.

"Are you ready for the date?" He asked and I nodded.

"Are you?" I asked.

"Always but only if it is you." He replied and I smiled.

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