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@emmmily: looks like @elijahdaniel finally shut up! wonder if he decided @awsten just isn't worth defending or he realized that he's just not good enough to win even if awsten was worth it. any comment on which is was elijah?


@user842: i kinda wanted to give you a chance before and not just believe everything but you're not making things better for yourself

@user2: omg yes queen rip into him

@user72: you're really not making things any better for yourself here

@awsten: stop trying to talk to him. it's over, everyone knows what happened now. there's no point in fighting about it.
↪@user6: just talk to her???? why do you gotta come in so rude about it?
↪@user1: aws sweetie ily but acknowledging her is only gonna make it worse for you let elijah deal with it he's the one who decided to start an argument.
↪@user03: honestly i think she deserves another chance
↪@user47: is any of it true or were you lying about the whole thing
↪@emmmily: lol when have you ever been the person in charge? don't act like you can tell me what to do. shut the fuck up aws no one cares what you have to say, i'll talk to whoever i want to. i heard people sent your sister the podcast should i see what she has to say about it? getting tired of elijah anyway he's fucking boring. who's next? gracie? geoff? maybe thea? ooh i think i might still have your mom's number somewhere if she hasn't changed it maybe i should call her
↪@user7: emILY NO
↪@user62: i don't blame her for getting defensive tbh he put their whole history out without asking her if she was cool with it
↪@user0: lol if no one cares what he has to say why do so many people listen to his music and spend forever trying to see what the lyrics mean to him? we care what he has to say, not what you do tho so maybe you should be the one shutting the fuck up
↪@user814: emily ily but this ain't it
↪@user9: go off!!!!!
↪@awsten: stop fucking involving my family.
↪@emmmily: don't want them knowing everything that went down? too embarrassed to tell them you never even tried to defend yourself? is that why it seems like elijah was the only one who knows? maybe gracie too with how many people sent it to her. why not just fill the whole family in babe? keep everyone updated? have you gotten gracie's input? i'll go ask her what she thinks if you haven't
↪@user02: this shit is getting intense
↪@awsten:  don't call me babe you fucking psycho and stop trying to bring my family into this. don't even think about trying to talk to my sister.
↪@user08: he went protective brother mode huh
↪@emmmily: who says i didn't already?


direct messages between @emmmily and @awsten


stay the fuck away from my


aw no need to get defensive
babe i'm not interested in
hurting her you're the only
person that's any fun with

just leave her alone. and
leave elijah alone too. you
have no reason to come for
my family

have i ever needed a
reason? you never
questioned me before
why do you suddenly
think you can get away with

it's fucking done and over
with. you can't hurt me
anymore. you don't have
anything over me. fuck off
and move on already i'm so
tired of you pretending like you
still have any place in my life. i
don't need you trying to keep this
shit going. i have a life that's pretty
fucking good without you in it

oh and i don't need to "get away
with" anything. you can't fucking
tell me what i can and can't do. i
can ask any damn question i fucking
want. i can't make you answer
but i sure as hell can fucking ask.

where'd this newfound
confidence come from? i
remember you crying a lot
more than anything. finally
take my advice and man up?

actually i just stopped listening
to you altogether. funny the
headache i had the whole 3 years
i wasted with you vanished when
i started fucking ignoring you.
gonna go back to that now

yeah sure you are


it won't last



"Please, put your phone away," Thea requests quietly as she comes back into the room, frowning at the sight of Awsten staring at the notification for the unopened message from Emily, and then the next three that come in as she sends more messages.  "You're just stressing yourself out, honey."

"I'm fine," he dismisses, shaking his head.  "Just wrapping this up...you should...I don't know.  You don't have to sit here with me.  I'll be down soon."

"Awsten...don't shut me out here.  I'm not going, okay?  Just tell me how I can help," Thea requests, hesitantly sitting down next to him on the bed.

"I won't," he assures her, finally setting his phone aside.  "I just don't want you getting caught in the middle here, y'know?  I just...I know that I'm gonna be not at my best after this.  And, we have two babies to take care of so at least one of us has to be okay and I'm more concerned with making sure they get taken care of than making sure I do.  Them first, right?  That's what parenting is.  We gotta put them first and I don't wanna risk you ending up upset over this too and making things harder on all four of us."

"Honey, I get upset over anything that hurts you.  We can still feel things for ourselves and take care of our kids.  We put them first, yeah, but we can't do anything for them if we don't take care of ourselves.  You're my partner in this whole thing, in life and in raising our kids...I need you, and I want to help you when I can.  So, please, let me help you."

There's a short pause before his shoulders slump a bit and he gives a little shrug.

"I just want her to stop."


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