Meeting the new guy

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Chapter one; Meeting the new guy.

Monicas POV

My name's Monica Princeton. I am turning 17 in exactly 32 days, 11 hours and 15 minutes. Yes I like to count. I count things when I'm nervous and write now I am continuesly counting anything I set my eyes on. I was currently staring at the hottest guy in school! DAMN! He was talking to the principal.

"I can not believe of all people, they get you to show him around!" Wined my bestfriend Emily.

Okay I'm not the prettiest girl around, but come on cut me some slack! I am average height, brown long wavy hair, big brown eyes and an average tan. Alright I'm am average girl but still! Unlike Emily, she's amazingly good looking. She's got long legs, the perfect hair along to go with her perfect breasts, nails and body! But what can I say, she's my bestfriend so I gotta love her.

"Well you have no idea how nervous I am right now. I am actually counting the hairs on his head" I whispered to Em. "Oh god he's coming this way, shoo!" Of course Emily stayed right there batting her eyelashes like crazy.

"Hey, the name's Devon what's yours?" He simply asked me.

Stupid me stands here just staring at me, at leasts Em saves me!

"Hey stud, this is Monica and my name's Emily. But i'll allow you to call me Em." She winked.

Oh my god, did she really just do that?! Now when I show him around he will be asking me if she's single, when she's free blah blah blah...

He just ignored Em and replied to me "Nice name Mon. Do you mind if I call you that?" He asked with this smile that almost made me melt inside.

"Y-y-yeah that's f-fine." I studdered. Great, now I look like an idiot.

It took me two hours to show the new guy "Devon" around because I was distracted by his hotness. Did I mention his hot!? He is a fair bit taller than me, he has these perfect blue eyes that make his blonde shaggy hair look adorable. He would seriously be the man I would want to marry, if I didn't already have a boyfriend. Oh did I forget to mention that? Ha-ha yes I have a boyfriend already. But there's not harm in just looking... right?

Once we were finished I told him "Well I hope you now know your way around this new school, but sorry I gotta go meet someone."

As I went to leave he grabbed my wrist and started to ask "I was wondering if tonight..."

Then we were interupted by my amazying boyfriend Jason.

"Babeeeeee!" Jason yelled in front of the entire school as he ran up to give me a hug.

"Hey darling, sorry I was running a bit late I was showing Devon around, he's new here" I said trying to pull out of the hug because I felt uncomfortable for some strange reason.

"Oh hey man, what's up?" Jace asked Devon.

"Not much." Was all he replied in.

Hmm, this is getting a bit awkward. "Alright Devon i'll see you around." I told him. He didn't say bye he just glared at Jace the whole way till we turned the corner in the hallway. Jeez.

Devons POV

I was getting told by my new princibal what needs to be expected of me during the new school. Apparently she didn't like what happened in my old school. No need to get into detail though.

That's when I noticed these two girls who were staring at me.

"Who's the babes?" I nodded towards them.

"Excuse me, they are two of our brightest students, they are not what you call "babes" they are young ladies. And the brown haired girl will be showing you around, so why don't you make yourself useful and go introduce yourself!" She snapped and stormed off.

Wow I'm pretty good at making friends right?

I walked over to the girls and introduced my self to the brown haired girl that was apparently going to show me around. She was gorgeous.

"Hey the name's Devon what's yours?" I asked her plain and simple.

Except the blonde friend answered and replied with "This is Monica and I'm Emily. But i'll allow you to call me Em." Then she had the guts to wink.

Woah, woah.. she just practially offered herself to me. No thanks! Instead I replied to Monica.

"Nice name Mon. Mind if I call you that?" I asked ignoring the skank.

"Y-y-yeah that's f-fine." She stammering. I almost laughed, wow this is gonna be easier than I thought.

She showed me around and the whole time I acted like the perfect gentleman. She totally fell for it.

She looked deep in thought, probably choosing the names for our children. I can tell she's already into me.

All of a sudden she seemed in a rush so she said "Well I hope you now know your way around this new school, but sorry I gotta go meet someone." Then she started to walk away.

I thought now is the time to ask her on a date.

I grabbed herwrist ad spoke "I was wondering if tonight...." I never got to ask her. We were interupted by some jock who was screaming like a lunatic.

"Babeeeeeeee!" This loser said. He hugged Mon.

I could easily tell that she was trying to get away from him.

"Hey darling, sorry I was running a bit late I was showing Devon around, he's new here." She spoke trying not to make eye contact with me, hm.

"Hey man, what's up?" Asked the boy next to Mon.

"Not much" Was all I could say without ripping his head off. How dare he touch MY GIRL like that.

"Alright Devon I'll see you around." She told me. I tried to smile at her but I couldn't control my anger so I just stood there glaring at the boy I had to beat. No questions asked.


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