Chapter 19- Why? ❤️

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I am running through the woods

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I am running through the woods. My legs aching and my breath fastening. My hair blowing behind me as I run faster and faster. Footsteps behind me, snapping twigs and shouting. I block the voices out as my I make my legs run faster. My body aching and my head spinning. My heart thumping out of my chest and my lungs filling with air. I run through the forest on a grey pavement. I run on to the road and wave my hand, trying to get peoples attention. A car comes up the hill and stops in front of me. I turn to the forest to see that it's an empty path. I let out a breath and the person comes out.

"Are you OK......." the words fade out.

My eyes shoot open and my breath is heavy. What a dream...
Hello! I know this is a short Chapter but I this story is getting to the main part. I am predicting this story will be finished at 30 parts but I may extend it- PurpleSlothStories ❤️

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