The Boy with the Rare Eye Colors[4/4]

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Author's PoV

"What!?!" Mr and Mrs Jeon yelled

After hearing his parents scream, Jungkook's eyes immediately turned purple meaning he's scared which made his parents soften after seeing it.

"Baby, what do you mean?" Jungmin asked his son
"Bubba, when did they confess?" Gukmin asked
"Mommy, Daddy..they just confessed" Jungkook said and his parents nodded
"Okay, I'll accept this relationship but you guys promise me one thing" Jungmin said pointing over the nervous boys

"If you guys ever hurt my son, I won't hesitate to kill you all" Jungmin said sternly which made them gulped. They all nodded to not anger Jungkook's dad.
"Daddy, don't threaten them.. I'll be the one hurting them if they hurt me" Jungkook said and winked over his father who smirked.

After that, they all started eating and the 6 guys slept at the guest room because Jungkook's father said so...

Monday, 08/12/19...6:00am
Jungkook's PoV


I got woken up by my alarm going off and Mommy yelling for me to wake up.
"BUBBA, TIME FOR SCHOOL!" Mommy said from downstairs
"COMING, MOMMY!" I yelled back and started to do my morning routine.

After my morning routine, I walked downstairs and immediately go towards the kitchen.
"Morning, Mommy and Daddy!" I said in my usual cherry voice
"Morning, Baby" Daddy said
"Morning, Bubba" Mommy said while placing the food down.
After breakfast, me and Daddy go to the car so we could go to my school and Daddy can go to his work.

/Time skip/

"Bye, Daddy" I said and waved bye at him
"Bye, Baby" He said and drove away.
I walked inside the school and immediately saw my boyfriends who waved at me to come over.

"Hi, Princess" Jimin hyung said and they all take turns on greeting me.
"Hyungies, let's go to class" I said and they all nodded
"Sweetheart, I'll give your cookies later, OK?" Jin hyung said and I nodded. We arrived at our class and waited for the teacher who entered before the bell rings.

/Time skip/

We all sat at our usual table and Jin hyung gave me my cookies.
"Thank you, Jin hyung" I said and he nodded smiling at me. I opened the lid of the tupperware and got one cookie but before I could bite the cookie a boy suddenly approached me..

"Hi Jungkook, Taeyeon wanted me to give it to you" I looked at the other table and saw her smirking at me. I shrugged and ate the candy that boy gave me.
"Baby, are you sure it's safe to eat" Yoongi hyung asked but I just shrug and ate my cookies when suddenly I felt like vomiting.
"Princess, are you okay?" Jimin hyung asked me and I shake my head. They all got worried and brought me to the restroom.

When we arrived at the restroom, I immediately go to a stall and puked. After a while of vomiting, I got tired and everything turned black but before I blacked out I heard a 'BABY' and a body next to me.

Yoongi's PoV

When I saw Taeyeon smirking, I immediately got a bad feeling about the food she gave. We saw Jungkook ate it but suddenly saw his hand covering his mouth and I told Jin hyung about it.
"Hyung, I think Taeyeon putted something to that candy" I said and he nodded and when Jimin asked Jungkook if he was okay he shakes his head which got us all got worried.
We decided to bring Jungkook to the restroom and when we arrived at the restroom, Jungkook immediately go to a stall.

After a while of Jungkookie vomiting, I saw his face getting paler then usual. I immediately run to him while shouting a 'BABY' and he passed out to my arms.
"I knew Taeyeon was suspicous" I said and carried Jungkook and rushed to the infirmary while the others followed me.

When we arrived at the infirmary, I put Jungkook in a bed and a nurse approached us.
"What happened to him?" the nurse asked while checking Jungkook
"We don't know, Taeyeon gave him a candy and he suddenly looked like he was going to vomit so we rushed him to the restroom and he vomited on a stall and passed out in my arms" I said worried for my boyfriend
"Can one of you guys call his parents" the nurse said and Hobi got Jungkook's phone to dial his parents.

Calling Mommy...

'Hello Bubba, why'd you call me?'
"Hi Mrs Jeon, it's me Hoseok one of Jungkook's boyfriend"
'Oh, why do you have my son's phone?'
"Um.. Mrs Jeo--"
'Oh, just call me Mom or Gukmin'
"Oh okay, Mom something happened to Jungkook"
'What! What happened!'
"Um.. I'll tell you when you get here"
'OK, but make sure he's okay'
"Yes, Mom"

"What did she say?" Jin hyung asked Hobi
"She'll be here" Hobi said

A few minutes later, Jungkook's parents arrived and slammed the infirmary door open.
"What happened to my son" Jungkook's dad said
"We don't know, sir..They said that Taeyeon gave him a candy which he vomited and after vomiting he passed out" the nurse said.

Jungmin's PoV

After hearing what the nurse said, I got pissed at that Taeyeon.
"Who's Taeyeon" Gukmin asked clearly pissed
"Bring him or her here" I said sternly and Jungkook's boyfriends nodded
"OK, Mr Jeon" One of Jungkook's boyfriend said

A few minutes later, one of Jungkook's boyfriend brought a girl to the infirmary.I then recognized her.
"Kim Taeyeon?" After hearing her name, she looked at me and she suddenly looked terrified
"M-Mr Jeon?" She said in a shaky voice
"What did you give to my son?" Gukmin said in a stern voice
"U-um... I gave him a chocolate covered p-peanut" She said while stuttering
"You gave him what!?!" Gukmin yelled ready to hurt Taeyeon but I held her back and she just glared at her.

"You know Taeyeon, I can fire your mom and tell her what you did to my son" I said and she got scared
"N-no Mr Jeon, p-please don't tell mom!" She said
"I-im s-sorry, please don't tell mom" She continued.
"But, why did you gave him a food that he's allergic to!" Gukmin yelled again
"I-its because--he's hanging out with BTS" She said
"Why shouldn't we hangout with our boyfriend?" One of Jungkook's boyfriend said

"W-what?" She asked
"He's our boyfriend, why can't we hangout with him?" One of Jungkook's boyfriend said again
"He's your b-boyfriend?" She asked and they all nodded.
"I am sorry for almost killing your son" She said
"And I'm sorry BTS for almost killing your boyfriend" She said looking at Jungkook's boyfriend and they all nodded meaning they accepted her apology.
"Okay, get out of here" I said.

Jungkook's PoV

I woke up in an unfamiliar room. I slowly sat up and clutched my head and some figures approach me.
"Baby, are you okay?" Two voice said which I recognized as Daddy and Yoongi hyung.
I looked up and saw Yoongi hyung and Daddy looking at eachother.
"What did you just called him!?!" Daddy said
"I called him 'Baby' Mr Jeon" Yoongi hyung said with a blank expression and Daddy's eyebrow twitched.
"Aish! You two can call him Baby" Mommy said
"Bubba, are you okay now?" Mommy asked and I nodded
"What happened?" I asked
"You had an allergic reaction" Jin hyung said and I nodded

I then heard Daddy and Yoongi hyung arguing about them calling me the same petname.
I started giggling and the others shake their head because of the two arguing about something so small....


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