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"What's this~?" Sunmi chuckled as she took the bouquet of flowers from Araceli. "Ara, you didn't have to do this, honey~"

"I wanted to, unnie," Araceli laughed, bringing her arms back to her sides whilst giving her a smile. "Think of it as a 'congratulations on your comeback' gift."

Sunmi hummed before placing the bouquet of flowers down on her dressing room table before pulling Araceli into a giant hug. "Thank you, love~"

"No problem~," Araceli responded as she reciprocated the hug, a content smile spread across her face.

The two girls pulled away from each other, both eliciting small giggles out of the other. Sunmi motioned for Araceli to sit with her on the couch, to which Araceli obeyed and followed her.

"So, I know you're not just here to cheer me on my comeback~," Sunmi hinted, a cheeky smirk finding its way onto her lips when Araceli blushed in response to her words. "What's up~?"

"You know exactly what's up," Araceli changed her gaze to the floor, now picking at her nails and fingers.

There was a small silence between the two as rapid thoughts were going through the others minds. Araceli was unsure on how to approach Sunmi about it all, but it was best to be blunt about it in the end.

Araceli took a deep breath before looking at Sunmi, who had turned to look back her after realizing the attention was now on her.

"What do I do?"

Sunmi laughed, "What do you mean?? I can't help you!"

"You're the one that helped her write and send that letter to me!"

"Hyuna told you, huh~?"

Araceli whined and kicked her legs out as if she was a child throwing a tantrum. "Unnie~!! You helped her write the letter and then she gave the letter to you to give to Hyuna to give to me. How do I approach her about this?? This is all so sudden and I just got over Jeongyeon...."

"Well, she did say she didn't want to rush you," Sunmi pointed out. "She just wants to try and get to know you first, Ara. Do you want to get to know her??"

Araceli was quiet, her lips jutted out in a pout before mumbling a "I already know her but yes".

"Then there you go! Just text her and say 'Hey, I got your letter. I'd really like to hang out and get to know you as well'. It's simple as that, stop being a panicked gay~"

"You need to get off twitter, unnie," Araceli deadpanned, earning a laugh from Sunmi who in return only shrugged.

"You have her number, right? Text her right now, I'll be right here watching," She suggested, using the back of her hand to tap on Araceli's arm before grabbing her phone for her.

"Alright," Araceli was almost shaking at this point, almost dropping her phone after grabbing it from Sunmi. With stuttering fingers, she unlocked her phone and opened Kakaotalk, clicking on a familiar contact.

Ara: hey

Chungha is typing....

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