Part 15

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At home

Anika is applying bam on shavi's cheek when shivaay came there.

Shiv. Hey buddy I'm sorry my mother shouldn't have slap u like that.

Ani. Stop making him remind again. plz go away from here. 

Shiv. Anika stop being so angry with me.  Don't forget I hadn't have any fault in it. 

Ani.  Yes u hadn't have only fault.  All fault was mine and my son. Ha na.

Shiv. Anika I think now u should forget  it.

Ani. My baby's red cheek will keep remaining me. 

Shiv. Tum sa baat karna hi bakar ha. 

Ani. To na karo.

Shiv. Fine go to hell saying this he about to go when Anika stopped him.

Ani. I'm thinking to leave this job.

Shiv. What

Ani. I had already announced in ur mother's house I'll leave as soon as possible so I'm thinking to leave with my son tomorrow

Seerat who was listening all this broke the vase in anger.

S. No u will not leave me. U will live with me. She shouted and run away from there crying bitterly

Shiv. Seerat he called her and run behind her.

Ani. I'm coming shavi u take rest. She kissed his head and went behind shivaay.

Ani.   Seerat baby open the door.

S. No first say u won't leave me.

Ani. Try to understand baby

S.  No way I can't live without u. If u will go then I'll also leave this house forever.

Shiv. Seerat

Ani. Stop shouting on her

Ani. Ok baby I'm not going. But please open the door. 

S. Promise

Ani. Promise.

S.  Then marry with my daddy and become my mumma also. Bcz I won't let u go away from me.

Anika and shivaay look at each other shockingly.

Ani. This can't happens baby.

S.  But I want u as my mumma.

Anika closed her eyes

Ani. Seerat if u didn't come outside in a second then I'll leave ur house now. 

Seerat got scared after listening her and immediately opened the door

Anika bend down and hugged her tightly.

Ani. Never do this baby.

S. U will not leave me na. 

Ani. No I'll not she said kissing her cheek.

S. Pinky promise

Ani pinky promise. Now go and sleep tomorrow is ur school. Seerat nodded and left from there kissing Anika's cheek.

S. She didn't demand any unveiled thing Anika.

Ani. Stop being kid shivaay. I'm already frustrated.  She glared him and about to go when shivaay pulled her towards him.

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