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Before you read the story, this is some information I wanted to share before it begins.

In this book i'll try to have a lot of chapters for it, sorry if i write kinda weird afkdgsgakfk
it'll also contain fighting, swearing, and it'll get sexual. Chapters will be marked when it's NSFW.

You're 25 years old living in Naples, Italy. You are an anonymous writer that goes by the name Aristos and you sold quite a few poems and books making good money from it. (You can change it to anything you want while reading.) You also studied the ocean and are still studying it visiting the docks a lot and sketching the fish/sea life you see there. (You also published articles about sea/marine life making money off of it.)

Formaggio is also a friend of yours of quite a few years. You don't know what he does or his other friends because he doesn't talk about that or likes to bring it up but he's very close to you. He's only part of the only few you see as friends.

You're straight forward with things, and not squeamish when it comes to death as you're used to it. (Aka family deaths and friends.) You lived a rather lonely-ish life, it helped you write a lot of your poems and books.

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