Sequel 24.

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Don't make my mistakes.

Months seem to become the length of days when being busy. There are days where I don't realise that an hour already passed when I thought it was only a minute.

But here we are again, in the morning. The door bell rings and I sleepily walk towards the front door to see who would be there at this hour.

Right after opening the door, I find Jun standing on the porch. "Good morning," he chuckles when his eyes fall onto my messy hair and sleepy eyes.
"You're early..." I mutter and step aside to let him in.
"Well, I'm actually in time considering the kids wanted to leave early to the beach."
"The beach?"
"Don't you remember? We planned this a week ago since it's almost their birthday and you're working that day. We decided to spend today together with them..."
"Ah yeah, oh god I almost forgot. It's been quite busy lately. Them going to school, me working, laundry, cooking, grocery shopping... The usual, you know."
"You haven't had the time to breathe," his eyes fall in the same line with mine. "That's why it's the perfect time to take a break from all that. Let's wake them up, get their stuff and leave to the beach. Just like promised."

He walks into the house and takes his blazer and shoes off. "Should I go wake them up? Or no, wait. I'll prepare some breakfast while you go wake them up. If that's okay with you?"
"Sure I guess..."

My eyes follow him as he wanders into the kitchen and opens the closets and drawers in search of something he can prepare for today's breakfast.

His eyes light up as he finds flour and sugar. He then opens the fridge and grabs the bottle of milk. Turning towards me with a smile on his face he chuckles, "pancakes?"

I couldn't help the smile tugging on the corners of my lips, "sure."
Then I left to wake up Yun and Kari. When setting foot on the first step of the stairs, I turn back to take a look into the kitchen. I watch his back, wide and strong, as he reaches up for the flour and then takes the rest of the ingredients to mix them in a bowl. I turn myself back around and continue step by step up the stairs. 

The last step creaks under my feet as I then turn to the right towards the rooms of my children. A place where they feel safe and at home. Their rooms that protects them from the cold and lets them chase their dreams at night. 

I slowly open the first door towards my son's room. With a gentle smile I sit down on the edge of Yun's bed. "Yun! Time to go to the beach!"

His eyes snap open as he slowly sits up and stretches his arms up, "the beach?" he tilts his head, his eyes still half asleep and mind still slowly leaving his dream.
"Yes, Jun is downstairs making pancakes. And after that, we'll leave to the beach. Just like promised."

For the promises I have once made.

He jumps up and out of his bed. Almost tripping over his own feet he shouts, "to the beach! The beach!" and runs out of his room towards his sister's. "Kari! To the beach!" he pushes the door open and jumps onto his sister's bed. She shoots up instantly with a scream but a large smile plastered on her face. 

Both of them run down the stairs under my watch as I walk behind them toward the kitchen.

Laughing I stand in the doorway, watching them run around in the kitchen. The both of them smiling and laughing, repeating the words "to the beach" over and over again. 

Have been broken many times. 

"When are we leaving," Kari asks as she tugs on Jun's shirt. His eyes widen as he places down the bowl and turns towards the little girl. 
"After breakfast," he speaks gently and kneels down to stand at her height. 
Yun then jumps to her side, tugging on the other side of Jun's shirt, "but I want to go now!"
Jun turns towards Yun and smiles at him. Gently he places his hand on top of the boy's head and assures him that they will go to the beach, as promised. "But first, breakfast. So you grow tall and strong to protect your sister."
He then turns towards Kari with a gently smile and places his other hand on top of her head. "And you will grow strong and beautiful just like your mother."

For maybe this man that has done so much wrong, he has changed through the years I haven't seen him. For maybe, I won't be able to forgive him. Then I could still give him another chance to try and set things right. But, slowly. 

But this one, I may keep. 

It didn't take much longer for everyone to sit at the table with pancakes on their plates. Eating in silence yet still with some words that were shared once in a while. 

And after breakfast, everyone was ready to leave. The bags were packed, early in the morning, ready for us to leave to the beach for today and possibly return late at night. 

And this was the very moment Jun realised what he had lost in the very beginning. However, maybe, it might return to him for if he's given the chance.

He stares at the doorway as I put the stuff in the car. Both Kari and Yun put on their shoes as I look back and wonder what Jun has been doing. 

"Y/n," he speaks, catching my attention with my own name. It has been a while since he spoke so gently. I almost forgot that he could. Although I can't forget the past that still chases me to this day. 

"Yes," I turn around and look at him as he stands in the doorway.
"Nothing," he shakes his head, not knowing why he even spoke my name out loud. It might have been lingering on his lips for a while but, he never taught of saying it out loud at a time like this.

And for the very first time, he heard something he never taught of hearing before. He heard something that didn't just catch his attention. It caught him and trapped him in a warm feeling deep inside his heart.

"Dad!" Yun and Kari shout as they stand by the car, "what are you waiting for?"


~author note~


This was a lovely chapter tho oofff I felt that deep in my heart right there. I haven't written for a while so it felt good to write again~ hope you enjoyed~

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