seventeen || your choice

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i wanted to try something new! i'm not the best writer which is why i stick with preferences & head canons. it was also like 2am when i wrote this. i made it not at all descriptive so you could imagine it to be with whoever you wanted. if people like this i'll start writing ones made for one specific person.

** based off of goodnight n go by ariana grande **

tell me why you gotta
look at me that way
you know what it does to me
so baby what you tryna say

you were sipping from a wine glass, body huddled over one of your friends marble countertop talking to one of their friends.

you guys were making conversation about basic things, work, weather. but your mind kept drifting from the person in-front of you, to the person a good 10 feet away; sipping a beer and laughing at a stupid joke, probably.

you knew that every time you looked away he looked right at you. you could feel his eyes practically burning holes through yours while you pretended to be interested in an acquaintances work promotion.

but for a split second, when you glance back, he's looking right at you. the first glimpse of eye contact this whole night. he stares into your eyes for a good three seconds before lifting his almost empty beer bottle to his mouth, and taking a swig out of it. somehow still not taking his eyes from yours.

oh why'd you have to be so cute
it's impossible to ignore you
why must you make me laugh so much
it's bad enough we get along so well

his friend nudges him and says something to him, and you take the broken eye contact as an opportunity to make your way closer to him, but when you go to, you notice him walking towards you as well.

"fancy seeing you here." he says, with a stupid smirk on his face you've unfortunately grown to be somewhat fond of.

"you know i'm a party girl." you said back, really hoping you had bring your glass of wine with you, to distract your hands and keep them from going where they wanted to.

he rolls his eyes and huffs, and you don't know how, but you end up laughing at it. something about him maybe feeling a little bit angry at how much of a crowd lover you are.

he gives you a look, glances around to see where his or your friends are, and takes your hand; leading you to a free couch nearby.

just say goodnight n go

you've been sitting centimeters close to him for the past hour, just talking. laughing. rolling your eyes at his attempt to make jokes and pickup lines that you both knew you had heard a million times before.

but for some reason, you didn't mind. those cheesy pickup lines were different coming from him.

it's getting late, you guys both know it. you guys both know where you want the night to go, but who will say it first? probably neither of you, honestly.

that's what it is like, being exes and all.

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