Chater 1 (pic of River)

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River Johnston: She is 15 years old.

Blade Jake: He is 17 years old.

Chapter 1: A Delinquent?

River's P.O.V

Right now, I'm driving home in m black Ferarri. I know, your thinking, how can I drive when I'm only 15? Well, I got my driver's licence at age 11 thanks to Jack, my boss back at Head Quaters. See, Jack is my best friend. He's like an older brother to me. If I ever need him, just to talk, he's there. He's the one who gives me m missions. He also gets me any information that I might need, like if something is going on at home or at school, I know it. He'll always be there for me. And speaking of him, he just sent me a text.


Hey. I just got some info that a delinquent is going to be staying at your house. Seems like your parents wanted to be helpful and volunteer to help house one. His name is Blade Jake. He is 17. He'll be living with you until he is 18. He is also known to have anger issuesand to be a badass. Watch your back and be careful sis.~Jack~

Yeah. Jack and I call each other brother and sister. Like I said, that's basically what he is. I texted back saying okay and that I'd talk to him later as I was almost home. I pulled in and got out. I walked in and went straight to the living room. I sat down on a recliner as my parents were on the couch, and who I am guessing is Blade Jake is on the love seat. I analysed him quickly. Nice build, snake bites, but I could tell he was a stuck up jerk as he scowled at the floor. I looked at my parents and said,"Hey Mama, Daddy. I see we'll be having a guest for while."

My daddy nodded and said,"He'll be staying in the guest room. I'm guessing you already know who he is?" I nodded and smiled. They're already used to m knowing more than I should. They don't know how I do it, but they know I just do. I said,"I guess he'll be staying in the first guest room?" My mama nodded and said,"Will you show him to it?" I nodded and looked at Jerk Face. I said,"Come on." Then I started walking up the bedrooms. His room will be the first guest room, which unfortunately, is across from mine. Oh well, the funny thing is, I have every room in this house bugged. I can hear, see, and tell what's going on in any room in the house at any time.

When we got to the room, I stepped in front of his door. I said,"This is you room." Then he pushed past me into the room and slammed the door. I huffed. Rude much? I went into my room, changed into comfortable shorts, and grabbed my ipod. I feel on my bed and was soon asleep. Tomorrow will be hectic

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