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It's Life. That's what they say. No advice, just two plain words. Well at least it's not pity. But not everyone's life is the same, so how is it just life? He wondered in one of his usual "deep thinking" nights. if someone could tell him that it's his future. Or it's at least something that's gonna affect his future, then maybe things wouldn't have been how they were. It was the the third of June, 2020 and Jonas Parker was planning on making a new program for tomorrow's Science lesson where Mr Robertson was planning to show his class why little kids are gonna have to use more blue crayons when they draw the earth. (Also known as global warming) but then suddenly his mind just went blank, and that never happened before. Probably because of all the yelling downstairs in the sitting room, he thought. Mrs Parker was yelling at Tim, Jonas's "step dad". But.. that happened every night. It couldnt be that. What was it? He decided to call Michael and told him what was going on. "Bro come onnnn" Michael sighed from the other side of the line. He rolled his eyes, something theyd all usually do at Michael. He was hysterically funny, but he was too self centered. As in, the type that would listen to you and look somewhere else at the same time, and then you'll feel yourself awkwardly pausing. "It's probably just your hda kicking in, right? Jhonnyy boyyy, we gotta pull this off!"
"Ok wrong, mikeyyy it's not my ADHD. i don't really know bro, I just feel weird today man"
"Ok, ok, we'll get Terrence to back up." Mikey replied.
"Well I only got to intercede the documentary at 35:00 and put in the first part of the video, I just can't bring myself to code the rest" Jonas explained.
"Yh, u can tell Terrence that, if he's even up."
there was something definitely wrong. All of a sudden He felt like he was stuck on top of a ride, his stomach churned like crazy, like it was going through butterflies, but instead, human eating moths. Hurrying to the bathroom, mikey was still left on the other end. "Terrence will take over for you, you just gotta send him what you've done so far... You heard that bro? Jhonny?.. Jonas?"

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