The Truth

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"I am a generous spirit, softhearted and kind." The Mother of Faces boomed. 

Somehow.... I doubted that. 

"Maybe she knows where my mother is," Zuko whispered to me.

"Sure, we'll ask for Rafa's face back, and the whereabouts of Ursa." I smiled at him.

"Each season, I grant one favor to one human. You may make your request now," the spirit said. 


"Wait. Just one?" Aang asked. 

"One. Humans like you often chase after me, begging for new identities. Have you come to do the same?" The spirit asked. 

"See, here's the thing--we actually need two favors. I'm sure a big-and-gigantic-yet-beautiful-and-lovely spirit like yourself can handle two favors, right? Your, uh ... Face-iness?" Aang said awkwardly. I smacked his shoulder, "face-iness? Seriously?"

He shrugged. 

The spirit looked irritated, "Do not test my generosity, young Avatar. One."

Zuko sighed in defeat, "They've waited for so long. If there's only one, it should be theirs."

I smiled, "Somehow, I knew you would say that," I turned to Misu and Rafa. 

"It's all yours, Misu," I smiled. 

She looked delighted, "Thank you! Oh, thank you so much!" 

She started towards the spirit, only to be stopped by Azula. 

"Ridiculous! You're such a constant disappointment, Zuko! Even when you're strong, you're weak!" She yelled, sprinting in front of Misu. 

"Azula! Stop!" I yelled. 

She pushed Misu out of the way and turned to the Mother of Faces, "We seek a princess of the Fire Nation named Ursa! Tell me where to find her!"

"Ursa. I remember her. I could not understand why a human of such beauty would ask for a new face. To test her sincerity, I offered her one as plain as can be," the spirit uncurled her hands, revealing an image of Noriko, "She accepted."

"That's Noriko!"Zuko and I turned around to confront Azula, "Azula, our mother is-"

"She's gone." I said. 

Zuko ran towards the village, after Misu pointed him to a shortcut, "Zuko! Wait!" I yelled. 

He stopped and turned around, "Yeah?"

"Don't think you're leaving without any back up." I smiled. 

"I wouldn't have it any other way," he said and we ran to Noren's house. 

We walked around the side of Noren's house, "it's so quiet.." I said. 

"Too quiet," Zuko knocked on the door and Noren answered. 

Zuko bowed, "Noren. I know it's late, but I-"

"I had a feeling you would return." Noren cut him off. 

"Huh? Why?" I asked as Kiyi burst out of the house, "You came back! You came back because we're best friends!" she exclaimed slamming into Zuko's waist, hugging him. 

"Kiyi! It's good to see you again!" Zuko exclaimed. 

Oh. There was that warm feeling again.

"Come eat dinner with us!" Kiyi grabbed Zuko's arm, and then mine, dragging us into the house. 

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