Chapter 37

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No amount of preparation could prepare Benji for the grippy hands pulling him and his friends off the storage truck. They weren't in the same spot they got on at in the palace, rather the front gates separating the castle to the outside world. Being given both experiences in the span of 24 hours, Benji had a vague feeling of culture shock, noticing how preppy the palace is compared to the rusty dark corners of Spain.

A small grunt heaved itself out of Benji as his feet hit the pavement, the truck speeding off behind them. There had to have been at least ten guards holding and surrounding the four, pinning their sweaty palms behind their backs. Fiona looked upset, while Camilla just stood there with a bored look plastered to her face. Benji wondered how she pulled it off sometimes. Especially in utter terrifying situations like this.

But what made his stomach churn was the horrified look clinging to Jorge's eyes. The guard holding the other boy seemed to have been a bit more rough, not taking care to make sure Jorge landed off the truck safely. He ended up hitting the concrete with his knees. Small scrapes sprinkled his skin, and his eyes darted to Benji, pleading for any sort of help. But Benji's arms were tied. Both physically and metaphorically.

The guards in dark green uniforms whispered commands to one another, and almost in perfect suit pulled the two girls one direction, and Benji and Jorge in another.

Him and Camilla shared a concerned look that seemed to speak so many words at once.

Let me know you're alright.

In that split second moment, Benji was so thankful to have created such a bond with her. She was probably the closest thing to a sibling he had. As the two girls got farther and farther away, Camilla's gaze traveled to Fiona, her words trying to soothe the other girl's panic.

The men holding the boy's' hands back thrusted them forward, leading them down halls even Benji had a hard time recognizing. Fear not only welled in Jorge's chest, but in Benji's too.

If he was right, they were going somewhere where they won't come out unharmed.


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