Bad Boy (Shawn Mendes)

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Annebelle POV

"Wake up sweetie!" A voice rang in my head, breaking me from my dreamland.

I groaned before peeling my eyes opened. Ugh school.

FIRST day of school.

In a new place.

Kill me now.

We had recently moved from England, all the way to California or Cali as most people would call it.

I had a small accent, my parents on the other hand had strong true british sound in there voice.

A small peice of my wavy brown hair fell infront of my face, I wiped it away before slowly climbing out of bed.

I slipped on my slippers and slid to the bathroom. I looked at my terrifying self in the mirror, bags under my eyes, acne.

Being a teenager sucks.

My hair looked like a birds nest on the top of my head, I moaned before attemping to run my brush through it. Making me pull of small peices of hair, it hurt like hell.

Regular Monday.

I finally managed to make my hair looked on between straight and curly, I then stomped to my closet. I pulled out a knit sweater and jeans.

Once I felt presentable for my first day as a sophmore, I trotted down the stairs to the smell of bacon.

I did a small victory dance in my head as I sat down and chewed on the heaven that sat on my plate.

I seen a note on the kitchen counter.

Dear Annebelle,

I have to go to work, have a good day at your new high school, make some friends!



I smiled to myself before setting it down. My eyes darted to the clock, 7:45! Im late.

"Crap,crap,crap" I mumbled to myself as I quickly slipped on my uggs and sprinted to the bus stop.

I made it just in time.

I climbed on the bus, about 20 students were sat in different seats, I sat in the very front.

I heard mumbles, but ignored them.


Annebelle's POV

The bus finally came to a stop, I pulled out my scheule that I had got a few days before, I quickly skimmed the print.

"Locker 203" I said to myself as I hopped off the bus. My eyes slowly looked up and a gigantic school sat infront of me.

"Excuse me" A small voice said, I turbed around and a small looking girl that lookdd to be about my age looking at me with innocent eyes.

"Oh sorry" I mumbled.

"You're british?" She asked, her eyes wide.

"Uh yeah.." I said, my eyes staring in a different direction.

"Thats so cool, well I'll see you around" She smiled before walking ahead, I smiled to myself before climbing the concrete stairs.

About 400 teenagers stood infront of me, all talking or giggling or making out. The usual.

I walked up to my locker number, a boy with brown hair and a girl woth black hair were making out beside me like no tomorrow.

What a great year this will be.

I quickly darted to his arm, a few tattos ran up it.

Like I said, the usual.

I figured out how to open my locker and threw my new school supplys from Staples into it.

I smiled before sighing and looking at my scheule.

"Science, math, LA" I read off the classes one by one before grabbing the things I needed.

"Bye babe" A squeaky girl voice said. Ugh them two.

I seen her walk away out of the corner of my eye.

"Hey good-looking" His raspy deep voice said, I turned and looked at him.

I won't say he wasn't attractive.

He held his lip peircing in between his teeth.

"Hello, you are?" I tried to act as polite as possible.

"Accent girl eh?" His Canadian voice said.

"I wouldn''t say you don't have an accent either" I smirked before closing my locker tightly.

"Well british accents are very sexy" He said and I felt my ears warm up, I never got male attention like this before.

"Well you shouldn't call a girl sexy, and plus looks like you already have a lady friend" I stared into his deep brown eyes with a serious expression planted on my face.

"So? He mumbled, I rolled my eyes.

"Im late for class" I turned around and walked away from him, I could feel him stare.

I eventually found first class, thank god.

The bell rang as I took a seat.

"He" walked into the classroom, my stomach dropped.

And where did he sit? Plop down right beside me.

I don't even know this guys name!

"Hey hot-stuff" His rough voice whispered as he ran his hand threw his fluffy hair.

"Hey douche" I sighed.

"Oh little accent girl got some additude" He said with a smirk plastered to his face.

I ignored him and opened up my scribbler, writing the date.

I could hear his voice but I honestly didn't care what he was saying.

"So where are you from?" He asked, his fingers playing with his lip ring.

"England" I mumbled staring down at my pencil.

"Thats pretty far" He said, his eyes burned through my head.

" is" I looked up at him, his eyes met mine for a moment. My stomach felt funny.

I quickly looked away to the sound of a teacher voice.

Let this torturess school year begin.


Ok so new fanfic

Changed will probably not be updated in forever mostly bc I have no ideas whatsoever.

And about the tutor..i have to rewrite each chapter which takes a lot of time so yeah...

And scared is currently being updated.

Tell me wht you think of this story so far and i'll keep writing if u like it.


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