Its nice to see you, Jules

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Third person
Love was one of the strongest feelings. It gives us hope, that maybe things won't always be so bad. That all the pain the world seems to throw your way, love makes all that pain go away. Or worth it even. Julie knew what this felt like to lose. And that's why Gemma called her. Gemma knew she knew exactly what to do to help her son. Calling his best friend who he had since birth, Julie Rose Stranton.

Julie pulled into the garage and sat in the parking spot for a moment. Her car still running the cold ac that made her feel better than the California summer heat. Her heart pounding so loud she swore she could hear it for herself. Getting out of her car, she pulled her keys with her. Shutting her charger's door behind her.

"Gemma" Julie beamed with a wide smile as she took her Sunglasses off her face and slide them on top her blonde hair. Gemma saw the young blonde and instantly stood up to greet the woman who came at her beg and every call.

"Oh Julie, thank you for coming." Gemma hugged her tightly before letting her go. Gemma eyes the woman up and down.

"Where is Becca?" Mentioning the 9 year old daughter of Julie's. Julie smiles and sighs.

"At home with my mom. Didn't wanna bring her out if I'm only gonna be here for a few days." Gemma slid her hands onto her hips and nodded understandably.

"Where's Jackson?" Gemma sighed. Nodded towards the clubhouse.

"Probably in his dorm, hungover." Julie shook her head softly and looked at Gemma with hurtful eyes.

"How long has he been this way?" Julie was worried about her best friend And the man whom she's loved her entire life. The man who bullied every man she dated in high school for the reason of they weren't good enough or he just didn't like them. She knew he would probably shut her out, and tell her to go the hell home, and that he was fine, but she knew better.

"A few months, since Tara was murdered" Gemma looked tired, more tired than usual. " go see him." Julie nodded and took off towards the clubhouse.

The guys greeted Julie, all giving her a hug and telling her how much they missed her being around. Most hoping she sticks around. She weaved in and out between club members, saying her hello's before entering the hallway and towards Jax's dorm.

Knocking on Jax's dorm, he didn't answer but she could hear the shower running. Soft rock music playing in the room, not too loud but loud enough he could hear it. She slowly opened the door and shut it behind her. The room smelled like boos and sex. Julie scrunched her nose up at the smell and blew air out her mouth.

"Gross." She mumbled to herself. Jax didn't hear someone come into the room. But when he heard someone talking, he couldn't make out who it was, or what they said. So he quickly turned off his shower, stepped out the bathtub, wrapping a towel around his waist, running his fingers through his hair. Opening the bathroom door, a girl with long blonde hair almost down to her jeans stood there, her back to him , and he admired her curves .

"Hello there ,Darlin'" he smirked, he was the classic ladies man. Every woman wanted him. And he knew he could get whomever and whatever he pleases. Julie quickly turned around, stunning Jax.

"Hello, Jackson." She smiled softly, trying to not let her eyes wander  to his towel and bare body. Jax didn't know what to say so he just smiled at her. His childhood best friend. He couldn't believe how beautiful she'd gotten as she's grownup.

"Jules." He quickly embraced her, his wet body colliding with her dry one. His arms tightly secured around her tiny waist. He tried to hide his muffled sobs into her neck. Jules ran her fingers through his wet hair.

"It's okay, I'm here." As soon as she said that, the sobs got louder and the more he felt at peace. The first time he let anyone see the brokenness of his wife's death. They've only seen anger. Soon his knees gave out and he slowly sank to the floor but Julie didn't let go of her broken best friend, and to the floor she went, never letting go. He changed positions, his head rests on her chest, her arms around his shoulders. Holding him tightly as he sobs.

"My wife. They killed my wife." He sobbed out and Julie sighed in sadness.

"Shh, shhh." She cooed rubbing his hair out of his face. They stayed like that for awhile, until he felt better.

"So my mom called you?" He called out from the bathroom, the door was shut since he was getting dressed.

"Yeah. Yesterday. I drove all night for your ass." She could hear the chuckle he let out, and this made her smile.

"Well thanks but I'm fine." She one this was how this conversation was going to go, he walked out the bathroom and started putting his cut on.

"No you're not." Jax eyed her , and shook his head.

"So I crash here most nights. That doesn't mean I'm falling apart." He sighs.

"When's the last time you tucked in your kids?" Jax knew she was right, but he didn't want to inconvenience her.

"A few days." Julie stood up, and walked right to Jax.  Putting her hands on his chest, bending his head down, they rested their foreheads together. Like they used to do when they were kids. She pulled away, and rested her hand on his face .

"I'm not leaving Charming , until I know, you're okay. You and I are going back to your house, and you're gonna see your kids, you're their only parent right now. They need you." He sighed, nodding. Knowing she was right, as usual.

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