Chapter 1

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-Chris Pratt as Elijah-

*Mature read at your own risk*


I ran my hands down towards his erection as we passionately kissed. He kept me close against him as he wrapped his hand around the back of my neck.

"You are fucking gorgeous" Trent moaned within my lips.

I shove him lightly and fell to my knees, unzipping his suit pants, trying to force them off.

Trent was quick to remove all his clothing before picking me up off the floor and beginning to remove my clothes.

He placed a few kisses around my neck and then pushed me back onto the bed.

"I hope you're on the fucking pill, just incase" he said in such a hurry to just feel me.

He placed my legs onto his shoulders, keeping them up and hanging above. This gave him quick and easy access to me. He grabbed his erection and ran the tip up and down my sex, finding the entry and helping himself slip in.

"Fuck" he gasped, slowly beginning to pound. "Mm" he licked his bottom lips.

I placed my hands onto his chest and shut my eyes, faking the pleasure as always. I moaned to his thrusting, trying to keep it pleasurable as possible for him.

He increased his speed and like any typical man, he reached his orgasm, withdrawing and allowing them to shoot against my stomach and chest.


If anything, I should be the only one who is saying wow about how useless men are when it comes to sex. A minute? five? What does it take for you guys to understand that we have fucking orgasms too.
I guess it's another night, another vibrator.

Trent stood up and put his clothes back on. I turned away and got dressed before grabbing my purse and walking towards him. I placed a kiss against his cheek and opened the bedroom door.

"Hey" Trent called from behind, "Do I just give the signed papers to your secretary?"

I nodded, "See you soon" I smiled, leaving his apartment.

I made my way home for the night and undressed my way to my bedroom. Tossing bits and pieces everywhere. I grabbed my vibrator from my bedside table and laid back onto my bed. A few seconds of turning it on, the door bell rang. Sighing, I put on my robe and walked through the short hallway and opened the front door.

"Elijah?" I frowned.

"Teresa" he cleared his throat, rubbing his jaw.  

"Uh" I looked down and noticed I was still holding my vibrator, quickly placing it behind my back. "Uh, come in?"

"I thought purple was more your colour?" he mocked, making his way in.

"A pink or purple vibrator, they both work the same" I argued, trying to hide the feeling of embarrassment.

"A vibrator" Elijah whispered, taking a seat in the lounge room.

"Get over it" I hissed, placing the vibrator down by the hallway before walking towards the kitchen that was opened to the lounge room. "It's not my fault men only last second during sex"

"Seconds?" Elijah raised an eyebrow, removing his coat as he remained seated. Almost like I could sense an emotion of anger.

"Besides you" I whispered so lightly, reminiscing how even if we did last a few short minutes he always had me reach my orgasm, either during or after.

"Choose wisely" Elijah continued to say.

I rolled my eyes. "Why are you here?" I said, pouring us a cup of well loved hennessy.

"Are you ready?" he said, watching me bring him a cup of hennessy.

"For what?"

Elijah took two sips from his cup and put it down before grabbing it again and gulping it entirely down. "Us"

I gulped and took a seat opposite him. "I'm a busy women, Elijah"

"You said-"

"I didn't mean I was ready to settle down" Recalling from yesterday, "Unless..."

Elijah raised an eyebrow.

I had to think about my business and how I could get him to contribute to that deal.

"You show me otherwise"

Elijah stood up. "How?" He was eager.

I stood up and walked towards him. "You tell me"

Elijah grabbed my hand and allowed his to interwind within mine. I leaned in towards him but he moved away. "I'm not like the rest" he said, looking down within my eyes, letting go of my hand. "I don't want you for sex or any of that. I want you for you and always have"

I took a deep breath and turned around. "You should leave"

"Where did we go wrong?" His voice light and soft, "We were so madly-"

"Things change, time changes"

"Yeah" he nodded. "I can see that"

I turned around to watch him grab his coat and make his way out.

I needed that deal signed by him and I needed it soon, no matter what it took.

"Elijah" I called, taking a few steps towards him. "Let's talk"


just how madly in love could he be?
How far would he go?
Is Teresa no longer the girl he loved in high school?

Who is readdddyyyy for this!!!

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