Sacrifice: Him and Her

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Hades' Releam

Persephone's POV

Hades had invited me for dinner. The black rose attached with the message made my heart hurt...I cannot give it in....cannot fall for his charms.

Standing in a simple silver gown in front of the mirror I shivered when I saw his presence behind me.

His fragrance made me inhale deeply. It  was a combination of lemon and mint. so masculine. Unadulterated appeal of power and sex oozing was was him.

" are surreal goddess." Hades whispered taking in my form, tracing it from head to toe, he met my eyes as my lips parted when I looked at that heated stare."

His warm chest pressed into my back. "That fearlessness little rose, that determination I see in your eyes....that's dangerous and .....inviting."

Turning me around he extended his hand for me to take. I placed my small palm in his larger once....mine soft his rough but smooth.

He eyes scanned me intensely. I watched my hands and he watched me like a hawk.

Gently pulling me out of the room, his hand snaked around my waist, I was going to complain but my jaw dropped as my eyes took in the beauty of the architecture.

Creamy while pillars with dark green and gold patterns matching with white walls.

Wild white lilies with black rose covering the handrails of the glass stairs. His hands tightened around my body in a protective embrace as I stumbled but I couldn't care less....this was like a dream come true.

I always loved white favourite flower but last night when he gave me the rose...I was too afraid to say that I started living them more.


Food was delicious and so were his eyes staring right into mine. But mine went sad when I realized out truth- we both were very forbidden.

Now when the realisation hite hard as bricks my heart went into turmoil.

"Hades last night I saw a dream and you were there."

His orbs stared right into my soul.

"I am honored that you dream about me Persephone." His tone was low...deep and somewhat knowing.

"It's not that."I whispered.

"Please Explain goddess."

"I saw you at the Black Moon Pack. I don't know but I saw it was completely destroyed as if it had endured a huge catastrophe and people died and...."

"And what little rose?"

"I saw Cerberus. I don't even know what I saw. Maybe I am too exhausted and also I have never seen Cerberus perhaps its-"

"You saw my memory." I froze at that..No ,no this cannot be happening..

I saw him sitting there his jaw clenched and eyes smoldering fire.

They spoke lengths....that dream did too...he was ready to go to any lenghts for was not good.

"Why did you killed them?"

"They asked for it....that Alpha will die too" Was his blunt reply.

"It was my oath."

" What's mine is yours and Persephone...what's yours is mine." His voice has gone octaves deeper.

"Hades, you didn't have any right." I replied harshly.

"I fucking had! Persephone, they tried to ruin you-" he was beyond outraged but his anger still in control for me.

Hades I don't deserve you.

"And you didn't came to save me then. You knew all about this, you knew my existence, you knew I was your mate. You knew I was hurting but you didn't came." He froze.

"And I will be regretful for eternity. I am not asking for forgiveness goddess ..I-I don't deserve it...but you deserve the world Persephone. " His voice was filled with utter grief as a sob escaped my lips ,tears spilled down my cheek.

"Don't cry baby." He rushed in front of me but as his hands came to wipe my tears I pulled myself back.

Devastation...his expression was agonizing and painful.

My mind swirled with self loathing, I hated my existence if it made him sad. But if I let him my secret he will be in danger..his life in danger...Gods can't be killed but put to the sleep forever...I won't let that happen.

Hades deserves the world. Not him nothing will ever hurt him.

I will die thousand times if the cost is him.

Hello guys!!!😘😘😘
So what are your thoughts about this chapter?

**************************Hello guys!!!😘😘😘So what are your thoughts about this chapter?

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