Stage Twenty-Nine/2 *r*

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Walking up the doors open for us

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Walking up the doors open for us. Nothing changed really it's still my childhood all in here.

"This is crazy!" Matthew looked around.

One of the service workers comes out with a tray of glasses. "bienvenue à la résidence des banques." *welcome to the Banks residence*

Everyone smiled saying hello. Winter extra ass did a curtsy.

"Girl would you stop." Tammy nudged her. "Baby this is amazing."

"Just something slight I guess." I asked where my grandparents were just as my grandpa came from around a corner.

"Well about damn time you made a trip up here!"

"There are planes that comes to America old man you can come see me to." We gave each other big hugs.

My grandfather is basically my father everything he is my father was. Us three together was just plain trouble. So many times we would get cussed out by my grandmother for the dumbest shit but it was always worth it.

"papy!" Hope yelled running up to him.

"mon petit chou à la crème! You've gotten so big what is that daddy of yours feeding you?"

"Chick fil a it's my favorite. Look I have a sister...Gabby come here." She tried whispering.

Gabby was behind Tammy's leg blushing. "Hi."

"How are you beautiful? I hear your my new petite fille."

"What is that?"

"Granddaughter. My name is Chandler but you can call me papy just like Hope."

She eventually got comfortable enough to come out her hiding and hug him. It's a memorable moment for me.

"mon bébé est rentré!" My grandmother came rushing to me. *my baby has come home*

With my arms open I await for body meeting mine only to come up empty seeing her hugging hope.

"Look at you you've gotten so big petit gâteau and look at all this pretty hair! Oh I have so much planned for us this week."

"What about me?" I pout. I get that her grandchild but I mean damn so am I.

Smiling she comes up and pinches me. "Why don't you come see us more? To busy for us geezers huh?"

"Speak for your self old woman I'm still fresh." My grandfather says flexing his arm.

"Oh shut it. Who are these beautiful young ladies oh hi Matthew."

Smirking licking his fingers pressing them on his eyebrows he pushes Tammy and winter aside. "You missed me I know bring it in baby."

Rolling her eyes she hugs him quickly pushing back after he takes a huge deep sniff of her. "tu es un garçon très très étrange."

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