🌹Chapter Four🌹

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🌹R O S E🌹


True to her word, Lena didn't put that much make-up on me. Black eyes shadow on my eyes lids that highlight my pale blue eyes. Pink blush on my cheeks, make me look more alive than I've ever been. I have high cheekbones so she doesn't need to create that, but she did put some white glitter on them, to make them look prettier.

Black mascara on my already long eyelashes to make them longer and more black. Black eyeliner wing on both my eyes. On my lips is a lipstick in the same red color as my dress, I don't even know how she got the same color, but I don't care at the moment. I look so beautiful and I can't stop looking at myself.

Lena leaves the bathroom and then comes back few seconds later. She holds black high heels in her hands. "Put these on and we'll be ready to go" She tells me, or more like orders me. I do as she says and wear the high heels. They are pump high heels.

Maybe a bit too high, I normally never wear high heels because they make me feel uncomfortable and they hurt my feet. If I wear these tonight, I know for a fact that my feet will hate me tomorrow, perhaps starts a revolution. "You look so hit, girl. If I was gay, I would go for you, all day" She says and laughs.

We leave my apartment and my feet are already aching from walking in these heels, but I got to remind myself that it is only for tonight and then I never have to wear high heels again. I take my drivers license with me because I will most likely have to drive us back home, as Lena's planning on drinking while I'm not.

Alcohol has never been something that I've wanted to taste in my life, I was once dared to taste it in a sleepover in high school, but as soon as I smelled it, I knew I didn't want it in my body. Ever since then, I've never even had a sip of alcohol.

"This will be the best night of your life, but it will be better if you get laid" She says and I freeze in the passenger seat. If I had taken a sip from a glass of water, I would have spit it out by the shock. I shake my head."Getting laid. I don't think so" I tell her, assuring her that I will not sleep with anyone.

Call be old fashion, but I want to lose my virginity when I get married. It means a lot to me, I'm not like those girls that sleep around for fun, and I will never be like that. "You are so boring. You have no idea what you're missing. It feels amazing" She says and I make a disgusting face.

"If you act like that every time sex comes you, you will become the world oldest virgin" She says, I roll my eyes at her. "How long till we get there?" I ask, changing the subject before she can say anymore. "Few minutes, it's in the side of the city that someone of the likes of you don't go to" Lena tells me.

This will not be good. I'm not the bar type of person and now she's taking me to the side of the city that I would never go to. Something about this screams trouble. I should have written a letter to my parents, just in case that I don't live through the night.

Once she parks her car in a pretty shady neighborhood, outside of a bar, I think. I can hear loud music from inside it. "Why is there so loud music? I thought bars were supposed to be semi-quiet" I ask her. Are we even at a bar? I'm so confused right about now.

"Tonight is party night. Every Friday, there is a party night and the name speaks for itself, there's a party. Why do you think I asked you to come tonight?" She asks in a duh tone, as if I was supposed to know that. A party? I've never been to a party, this is the first time and I will not know anyone, except for Lena. This is a disaster, a big disaster.

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