Seducing Daddy

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'~ Don't you wanna claim

My body like a vandal?

You got the cure

Underneath your shirt...

Don't you wanna save this

Dirty little damsel?

Problem - Natalia Kills '

Chapter One - Seducing Daddy

Holy motherfucking shit. I wouldn't mind if he kidnapped and raped me right now. It really wouldn't be rape because you would like it.

"Can you hear? I said who the fuck are you!" Mr. Sexy raised his voice.

"Actually you said who the hell are you," I smirked. I looked down at his hands when he clenched his fist. I did notice his big hands and thick fingers.

Hm, we could have fun with that someday.

"Hey, when did you get home?" Ari walked into the kitchen.

"Ari, go to your room and call the police."

"Did something happen?" Ari's frown made me chuckle.

"Do you not see this stranger in our house? Ari, go to your room!" My jaw dropped. I'm the stranger? He's the random guy in the house!

"This is Vera! The girl I was telling you about? My friend?" I was so confused when Ari started laughing.

"Vera? This is her?" The way he said my name made me bite my lip. His eyes slowly looked down at my lips. He swallowed hard.

"Uh, hello? Is this your brother or something?" I raised my hand to get their attention. Ari laughed louder. I was really confused now. I didn't know what was so funny.

-"That's not my brother! This is my dad, Vera." Ari finally said after she calmed down.

"YOUR DAD?" I yelled. That's not possible. He looked too young to be her father. Maybe she was adopted. I couldn't, and I wouldn't believe that this was her real father.

"Yes, my father. Daddy, this is Vera." Ari wiped a few tears away. My eyes traveled to her father. His eyes went up and down my body. I caught the little smirk that was there and gone in a second.

"Nice to meet you, Vera. I have work I need to do. I'll be in my office." He turned to Ari and smiled. I watched him turn around and walk out of the kitchen. His ass was perfect. I could stare at it all day. 

"That was really funny." I snapped out of it and turned to Ari.

"Are you adopted?" It slipped out before I could catch myself. I didn't want to be rude, but I needed to know.

"Um, no? Why do you ask?" I leaned against the counter and shrugged.

"Your dad looks so..."

"Young?" Ari smiled, finishing my sentence. I nodded. "They had me at a young age. Fourteen to be exact."

"Where's your mother?' Ari's smile faded. That's not a good sign. Maybe I shouldn't have asked. Oh fuck it, I wanna know.

"She left years ago. She was cheating on my dad with one of her lovers."

"With one? How many damn lovers did she have?"

"Too many. Can we finish watching the show now?" Ari's beautiful smile was back. 

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