Chapter 18- Playing Hard To Get, Huh?❤️

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I woke up and checked the clock to see it is about 8 am

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I woke up and checked the clock to see it is about 8 am. I shook Chloe awake and then went over to Harper and Maya. I looked at them to she Harpers foot next to Mayas nose and Maya snoring. I laugh but shake them awake, they wake up and look at each other, than burst out laughing. I laugh with them and then Chloe wakes up, looks at us and laughs as well. Soon we are all in a laughing fit on the floor. After 20 minutes of laughing I decide we should get ready as we have plans to hang out together today. I change into some jeans and a white crop top. It's going to be very hot today, I come out of my bathroom to see Maya in Jean shorts and a pink crop top. Chloe in leggings and a purple crop top with printings on it and Harper with jeans and blue crop top. I smile at them.

"Let's go down and get breakfast!" I say as I open my door to go get food. I get down to see my brothers and step brothers eating. I smile at them, we are still not really on speaking terms. Logan looks at me, not me. More like my outfit.
"Nope, go change!" He says as he points to the stairs. I roll my yes and carry on down the stairs.
"What did Logan just say? Go get changed!" Leans said as I reached the bottom step. The girls in the back watching the little fighting that was going on.
"No, I like this outfit and I'm gunna keep it on!" I say as I go tot he fridge. Suddenly it is closed with a bang I look up to see Jack
"No food till you change!" Jack says as I glare at him.
"Why tho?" I aks as I glare at Logan.
"It's too revealing, I don't my sister getting looked at with half of her stomach showing!" Dylan says as he pushes me to the stairs. I sigh and take defeat. I stop upstairs with he girls behind me and but on a blue addidas tshirt, like the one I wore on the first day of school. I go down to see that Logan, Lean and Dylan give me a thumbs up. I swipe the middle finger at them and I see that Lean pretends to look hurt.
"No swearing Rosabell Lilly Kline! Jack says as he comes in. I roll my eyes again and walk to the fridge.
" "What do you want to eat?" I ask as I turn to Harper, Chloe and Maya.
"You got any smoothies?" Harper says. I nod and throw them all one of my special smoothies. We all go upstairs and I grab my money and bag. We all decided to go shopping.
"Hey Lydia, can you drive us into town please?" I ask, she nods while she finishes putting on some mascara. I go back to the room and see the girls on their phone.
"LET'S GO SHOPPING!" I shout making them jump. I laugh and they all jump up. We make our way downstairs and I open the door. To see Lydia say in her car. I slip in the car at the front and she starts to drive.
~2 hours later~
"Oh sorry!" I say as I bump into a boy, just as I was looking at clothes in the clothes shop.
"It's OK!" He says as he looks up. I look and see the familiar Hazel eyes staring at me.
"Oh, hi Aiden!" I say as I look back to see the girls still looking at clothes.
"Hey Beautiful!" He says as he pushes one of my hair behind my ears. I give him a confused look.
"Look, Aiden. Your a great guy. But we have no chance to be together!" I say as I step back.
"Playing hard to get, Huh?" He says as he looks behind him to see his mates.
"See you around Beautiful!" He says as he walks away. I turn around to see the girls smirking.
"He's totally into you!" Harper says as she squeals.
"OMG do you like him back?" Chloe says.
"I don't think so..."
It is getting juicy! Hope you like it- PurpleSlothStories ❤️

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