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Ashley Lewis
34 years old
Marine Biologist at Aquarium
4 months pregnant with 2nd Child

Lilliana Jones
36 years old
Successful Lawyer (stopped travelling when Ashley got pregnant with 2nd child)

Liam Klarus Lewis
6 years old
1st year of school

Kellina Muller
38 years old
Registered Nurse/ Bar Owner (hoping to pass bar down to Ivory or sell it)

Zoe Muller
34 years old
Architect/ Co-Owner of Quintins Business
Helping Ivory with career planning (Ivory 22, Cassie 13)


Ashley's P.O.V
(Two years before story start date)

Liam has finally fallen asleep next to me on the couch after bouncing around for the past hour or two to one of his favourite kids shows. I tucked some of his brown hair out of his eyes, hearing him breathe slowly. I leaned down, placing a small kiss on his forehead before getting up and walking towards the television cabinet. I grabbed the black box out of the bottom drawer and opened it to find the engagement ring I picked out for Lilliana with Zoe's help. I grabbed the ring out of the box, looking over the twisted diamond ring with a small Lilly engraved in carat gold. I had spent a fair bit on the ring but I knew it would be perfect. I closed the draw and headed back to the couch where I had our movie date set up. Today was our four year anniversary and I was more then ready to start forever with her. I dug a hole in the middle of the cheese balls, placing the box in the middle and covering it back over. Cheese balls were Lilliana's favourite movie snack and I was hoping she'd like it. When I heard the front door open and close I took a deep breath before making my way over to her.

"Hey gorgeous," I smiled, watching her hang her trench coat and keys on the hooks.

"Hey beautiful," Lilliana smiled, slipping her heels off and sliding her arms around my waist.

"How was work?" I asked, leaning forward and capturing her lips with mine. She tasted of starburst lollies so I knew she'd started snacking already.

"Tiring and stressful as it usually is," she sighed, her fingers tucking hair out of my face.

"Are you okay?" I asked, my hands finding hers and giving them a squeeze.

"I'm home with my beautiful girlfriend and son of course I am, plus it's the weekend tomorrow," she giggled, kissing me again. I couldn't help but smile into the kiss, grabbing her face and pulling her closer.

"Shall we watch the movie?" She whispered against my lips breathlessly.

"We could do something else," I giggled back, my hands carefully moving around her lower back to her ass. She raised and eyebrow at me.

"I've been dying to watch this movie though," Lilliana sighed, a goofy grin on her face.

"Can't guarantee we'll make it through the whole movie," I laughed, kissing along her jaw suggestively.

"As long as I know the beginning and ending I don't mind," she whispered back, bringing my lips back to hers. I smiled at her before holding her hand and moving towards the couch with her.

"He's so adorable when he's asleep," she sighed, moving the rug from his hip to his shoulder.

"He drools like you," I laughed, sitting on the couch with the cheese balls next to me.

"I do not,"

"Sure," I laughed, wrapping my arm around her and pressing play on the movie. My heart was pounding in my chest and my hands were clammy and starting to stain orange from the cheese balls.

I was trying hard not to look at the bowl as the movie played because Lilliana's eyes were glued to the screen. Surely there weren't many cheese balls left before her fingers would hit the box. I swallowed a cheese ball down before looking at Lilliana who had her eyes on the bowl, her mouth open. The black box was covered in cheese ball crumbs but still stood out. Lilliana looked up at me, her eyes watering. I held back my tears as I grabbed the box out, opening it and allowing her eyes to fall on the ring.

"I love you so much Lilliana and I want to spend forever with you and Liam," I spoke, seeing her hands shake as she covered her mouth.

"Will you marry me?" I spoke, feeling the tears fall down my cheeks from nervousness.

"Y-Yes!" She stammered, nodding her head. I grabbed the ring out and slid it on her ring finger. She quickly grabbed my face, pulling our lips together in a passionate kiss. I accidentally kicked the cheese balls onto the floor when Lilliana pulled me on top of her. Her lips moved skilfully and quickly against mine, her fingers quickly unbuttoning my shirt. Our tongues danced together hungrily as she tossed my shirt off my shoulders, leaving me in a bra.

"Liam's right there." I breathed once we had stopped making out.

"Take him to bed, then take me on our bed," she breathed sexily, her hands brushing her tangled hair out of her face. I couldn't help but feel extremely turned on by her. I quickly got off of her, carefully grabbing Liam and practically running into his room. I tucked him into his bed, giving him a kiss on the cheek before sprinting to our room. Lilliana was already sitting on the bed in her underwear. She was tying her hair up into a loose bun and it was honestly the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

"What?" She asked innocently, playing with her lace bra strap.

"My fiancé is so gorgeous," I whispered, sliding my pyjama shorts off and leaping onto the bed, causing her to giggle.

"I love you so much Lilliana," I whispered, my lips kissing all over her neck.

"Now let me prove I love you," she whispered, before dominating me and rolling us over. I could never get tired of her being the top.


Chapter 1 will be released September 1st 2019 (Australian Time/Day) it will be 2 years from this chapter and a total of 6 years after Changing for Us

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