Forever and Always Part 3

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I found where my locker is and I noticed it was in the area Haden told me to watch out for, it was where all the "bad boys" hang out. Oh well I can take care of myself. I took out my map so I could figure out how to get to my first class the fastest, when someone tapped on my shoulder. I whirled around. It was my brother.

"What Haden?" I asked. I was a little annoyed with the school system for pairing me with my brother. People need to except just because your related, doesn't mean you get along.

"Guess who Heather has to mentor!" He said a little smug and a little worried.

"Who?" I said not really caring. My phone started ringing. It was Megs calling me. I texted her back.

--One second -- <<Lexi>>

"Let me guess, Megs?" I held up my phone. It was funny watching his face. He so wanted to watch me guess who Heather is mentoring. My phone started ringing again.

--Heather is so MEAN! Who do you have? -- *Megs*

--I have Haden :( sorry-- <<Lexi>>

--It's not like you chose him-- *Megs*

--I know, I have to go to class TYL-- <<Lexi>>

--Ok, Text You Later-- *Megs*

"Ok, so where is geometry?" I asked Haden, who was clearly distracted.

"I can't believe you got these lockers" he said, completely ignoring my question, as usual.

"I can take care of myself, now where is geometry?" I said, my from agitated, to just downright annoyed

"see now, you already need me!" he said, his voice mocking me.

"fine! I will find it by my-" I was cut off by a loud, obnoxious, gorgeous, and oddly familiar voice.

"Looks like Haden finally found himself a girlfriend!" this voice called from behind me. Haden was staring daggers at him.

"NO, this is my little SISTER you IDIOT, STAY AWAY FROM HER" Haden let an overwhelming amount of ice into his voice; it was as if this kid was threatening to kill me.

I slowly turned to look face to face with Joey Frenchesco. He was my brother's best friend since they were born. Our moms delivered them in the same room, at almost exactly the same hour. Haden is 59 minutes older than Joey, Haden being born at 5:01 A.M., Heather at 5:13 A.M., and Joey at 6:00 A.M., so our parents always called them the triplets. About two years ago, Joey started hanging out with the wrong people, getting involved with drugs, and drinking. Haden refused to be friends with him while he was doing stupid things like this, so Joey said he'd solve that problem easily, and hasn't been friends with him since. He was smirking at me now, with one side of his lip turned up. Stupid half smiles, whoever started them is retarded, because it seems that's all guys do now to seem "cool".

"Not in diapers anymore I see," he smirked, enough with the stupid smirk!

"Still a loser I see" I retorted, rolling my eyes. I could see the shock cross his face, to him I was still the little twit he had to deal with growing up.

"ouch that hurt" he said sarcastically.

"whatever" I said. I turned to face Haden. Is eyes were combined with shock and pride. "so where is geometry?"

"come on, I will show you" Haden replied.

"I will see later

Alexis," Joey called, he used to have a pet name for me, i guess he forgot. or didnt care. i missed him, he once was the caring older brother i had wanted. he has definately changed.

"I can't wait" I yelled back sarcastically.

Joey Frenchesco was pretty hot; he has black curly hair running to his shoulders. It is always tied back at the nape of his neck, with a leather band I gave him when I was 7, and he wanted to grow his hair out. I told him that his hair would get annoying when it's hot, and that he would want this to hold it back. I'm shocked he still used it. He has green eyes, almost exactly like mine. He was really smart too, although he obviously lacked some common sense as he was always skipping classes, and never doing his work. Haden told me all about it when he needed someone to talk to. He was also a jerk though, and always hanging out with Lance Michaels and Kendra Cleavers, the school bullies, druggies, just plain old bad kids.

I followed close behind Haden, watching him interact with most of the school. All the teachers knew him by name, and all the boys high fived him and had joke throwing contests as we were walking. All the girls on the other hand, some gave him looks of annoyance (my kind of people), but most of the girls swooned over him. I also noticed how Haden acted different at school, he acted happy all the time, he was also kind, and trying to make everyone laugh, but in a respectful way so not to get in trouble with the teachers monitoring the hallways. Why couldn't he be this way all time? Why was he so mean and cold hearted at home, such a push over? He stopped walking in front of room 405. He peeked inside and said hello to his previous teacher, Miss Betake. When he said good-bye he turned around and looked me in the eyes.

"I don't want you hanging out with him Lexi," he warned me, in a whisper. i rolled my eyes at him and grabbed my books he was carrying.

"wasn't planning on it," i replied. i have never seen Haden so protective. Normally he just ignores me and gets on with his life.

"Ok, well have fun in geometry!" he smirks and scruffs my hair. he's back to normal again. as he walked away i saw "i know she will end up liking him" flash across his face. yeah right, johnny is stupid and idiotic.

*don't forget absolutely, brilliantly, and perpetually gorgeous* my inside voice said.

whatever. i will not ever fall for joey frenchesco.

My phone started vibrating the second i got into the room. i took a seat in the middle of the room, placed my things on my desk, and took out my phone. the screen was flashing telling me i hve 3 new messages, 2 from megs, and 1 from kevin?

--so hows haden?-- *Megs*

--Lexi!!!-- *Megs*

she was so impatient, goodness.

--How r u darlin?-- Kman

oh tatertots, its starting again. i will text megs first, then kevin, gosh i hate kevin.

--he just left, i think hes upset, we ran into frenchesco-- <<Lexi>>

--i hope hes ok, how are you?-- *Megs*

--he thinks im gonna end up like frenchesco...-- <<Lexi>>

--eww, who would like joey?? :/-- *Megs*

--well i mean hes got the hottness down :P but thats about it...-- <<Lexi>>

--SERIOUSLY!-- *Megs*

--hey i have to go...ttyl-- *Megs*

--dont go, if you do i have to text your bro back! then deal with him in class :(-- <<Lexi>>

--That sucks, bye-- *Megs*

--thanks, go ahead and scadoodle-- <<Lexi>>

i closed my phone, sighed, and opened it back up. recluctently i texted kevin.

--im fine, cant you type out your words?-- <<Lexi>>

--i cld but i dnt wnt 2-- Kman

the door to the classroom opened, so i looked up. in came kevin, and joey. oh schnitzelfritz. kevin came straight to me and took the seat next to me. joey cam to me too, and took the other side, they both started talking at the same time.

"hey hunnybunch" said kevin, smiling like an idiot.

"lee lee, thats what i used to call you isnt it?" he said, almost like he had been thinking hard about it then had an epiphany.

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