part 9

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No one has seen my dark mark yet. I wear a big, warm, oversized sweater that Charlie Weasley left at the burrow.

Even George doesn't know about the mark. I'm afraid I'll scare him, or that he doesn't want to be my friend anymore.

I sit curled up on the couch, waiting for Dumbledore. He must know a spell that removes dark marks. He must. What will I do otherwise?

Ron walks in with two big cups of tea. "Thanks," I say. There's an awkward silence as we drink our tea. Ron and I don't have a strong bond yet. I talk less to him, because he always seems to avoid me. I'm not sure if he even likes me.
"Ophelia... are we... okay?" he asks.
I raise my eyebrow. "What do you mean?"
He laughs. "Well I kind of have the feeling you don't... like me. I thought YOU didn't like ME."
"I'm not sure if I like you, yet," he admits. "I mean, why else would we have avoided you for four years?"
I clench my fist and feel myself become angry. "That's not fair. I've always been nice to everyone. YOU were mean to ME. Not the other way around."
Ron studies me. "Why haven't you thought of all the reasons yourself?" he asks. "You're the daughter of our enemies."
"That doesn't define me!" I yell. "I thought - I thought-"
"What is going on here?" someone asks. I turn around to see George in the doorway. "Were you two fighting?"

I laugh with a sarcastic tone. "I think you can figure that out yourself." George bites his lip. "Anyway, Dumbledore arrived. He waits for you in Charlie's old room."

I nod and run upstairs. At the first floor, I hear Ron and George fighting. "She probably has a dark mark on her arm!"
"Don't talk about her like that!"
"You don't decide how I talk and what I say!"

I wipe a tear away and walk to Charlie's old bedroom. I don't want them to fight. They're fighting because of me.
I open the door, and see Dumbledore staring out of a window. "Professor Dumbledore?" I ask. He turns around. "Ah, Ophelia. Have a seat on Charlie's bed."
I do what he says.
"Now, what is it that you wanted to talk to me about?"
"I-is there a spell that removes dark mark?" I stutter.
"Ah. Lucius offered you to Voldemort."
"How do you know that?"
"Because, obviously, you want me to remove your dark mark."
I bite my lip. "Can you please help me, professor Dumbledore? I'll do anything!"
"I must dissapoint you, miss Malfoy. There's no spell that removes dark mark. But...May I see it. It says a lot about Voldemort's strenght."

I pull my sweater up, and let him see the mark on my forearm.
"So, he's alive and strong," Dumbledore says. "Ophelia, dark marks turn into scars, only when Voldemort will die. You need to hide it... Forever."
"Hide my forearm forever?"
"It's easy in the winter, but in the summer, you need something like skin paint. I'll let an owl bring you that." He sighs. "Meanwhile... know that the Order of the Phoenix will protect you. Your under our wing."
He looks into my eyes. "That also means that you'll need to fight for us. And keep our secrets. We're currently hiding Sirius Black."

My mouth falls open. "But he is the reason that-"
"Sirius was framed. He never was a death eater. He never betrayed the Potters."
I nod. "That's a lot to process."
"I know. Meanwhile... the Order will come together soon, and then you need to show everyone your dark mark. They need to know your secrets too."

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