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I woke up in the morning, and felt my head pound, I thought about last night and smiled. I turned to the side and saw Andrei. The pink sheet was tucked around his waist and his chest and stomach were warm under the sunlight. His arm was tucked under his head and the other was stretched out onto my side of the bed. His legs were spread and they touched mine. I felt his warm feet graze mine.

The light from outside shine on us brightly, as if it were telling us it was time to wake up. I rubbed my eyes and yawned, getting up from the bed quietly. I looked back at the bed and noticed how much of it Andrei took up and I laughed.

I picked out a nice pair of jeans and a top to change into. I walked over to the bathroom after grabbing my towel and looked at the time. 9:46 am. It was kinda late, but with the night we had I wasn't surprised we slept in. I brushed my teeth and hopped in the shower. I ran the water and sighed. It was wash day.

The water felt good as it poured all over my face and my head. I always took cold showers, since I was a kid it was just something I always loved doing. My mom told me it was because in our village, we didn't have hot running water. I never realized it was because we were poor and had to bathe in the river, I just thought it was fun to play and splash around with my siblings. I know it sounds like an old school way of life, but that's the way everyone in our village lived.

I closed my eyes and the world around me turned into something I longed for in my reality.

The trees around me were tall and green. They were bigger than any I've ever seen. The color was so vibrant, the greenest in the world. I looked down at my feet and I was barefoot. The dirt was damp between my toes. I looked into the distance and saw the outlines of mountains covered by green tops.

"Valentina, ven aquí"
(come here)

It sounded familiar, and when I tried to place it, my mind went blank. The voice came from far away and it startled me and I turned around to find it. I looked back and forth, and saw only green.

"Valentina" It said once again. I looked up and saw who it was. A few feet in front of me, on top of a small hill.

"Papá" my voice cracked and couldn't believe what I was seeing. He reached his arms out for me, from atop the hill. I started running toward him. The hill seemed to get taller and taller the closer got to him. Ran faster and heard twigs snap under my feet. When I got to the top and saw him, he smiled, a few more inches and I would be in his arms again.

I ran up to him and threw my arms onto him, latching onto him tightly. As I was about to inhale his scent, I fell to the ground. My arms were empty and my knees hit the ground hard. My smile turned into a horrified, unrecognizable expression.

"No, no, papi, where are you, please, don't go!" I yelled to no one as I grabbed onto the grass and dirt on the ground. I cried hard when suddenly I heard a sound like thunder, once, twice, and a third time.

My eyes snapped open and I knew where I was, I was home, in the Bronx, in my bathroom. The water that splashed on my face turned to ice and I shivered. And I knew the sound was not thunder.

"Valentina, open the door! I need to grab my toothbrush" it was my little sister banging on the door. I sighed out in relief as I reached for the door, trying to cover myself with the shower curtain.

I pulled open the door with a frown

"You are so fucking annoying" I spat

"Whatever, and who the fuck is that boy in your room, I just walked in there thinking it was you" she asked, annoyingly

I laughed as I rinsed the soap off my body.
"His name is Andrei, isn't he cute?"

"Eh, not my type" she responded.

I peaked out the shower and saw her fully dressed with a backpack. She grabbed her toothbrush and a bottle of lotion from the cabinet and stuffed them in her bag.

"Where are you going muchachita?"
(Little girl)

"I'm staying at a friends house, yes I already asked mom"

"Okay, well have fun, and don't forget to say bye to Bruno, you know he worries." I reminded.

"He's not here, he left this morning with that girl."

"Huh" I turned off the water and reached for my towel that was hung up by the door.

"Bye" she said as she slammed the bathroom door. I dried off with the towel and stepped out the bath. I heard the front door slam shut a minute later.

It always amazed me how perfect she was, even as a baby. The sweetest Little girl. I remembered when she was a little baby and I would push her face in the dirt when we were at the park. She never cried, she was the quietest baby ever. My mom thought she was sick, because she didn't really start talking until she was almost four. Now she was grown, and being a mega bitch. How times have changed.

I put on the clothes I grabbed earlier, the jeans were tight fitted and they had rips on the thighs and knees. I wore a baby blue crop top with spaghetti straps. I walked back to the room, and opened the door slowly. Andrei was awake, he sat up in the bed and he was talking on the phone. I think it was his mom, but I wasn't sure because he spoke in Russian. When he noticed I had walked in he said

"Ok, ok, bye, talk later" and he hung up the phone.

"Good morning, sorry, it was my brother."

"No worries, I know how that can be." I smiled.

"Um, the bathroom is over there on the right, if you want to shower I can give you an extra towel, and there's an extra toothbrush in the cabinet." I said pointing at the end of the hallway. He walked over and left the door open as he brushed his teeth.

I went to the closet that had spare towels, sheets, and curtains and shit. I stepped on the stool so I could grab a towel from the top shelf. I didn't see any but I shuffled some stuff around. Under a stack of pillow cases was a white towel. It seemed to be the last spare. When I was about to step off the small stool, something caught my eye. A book bag? The blue bag was unfamiliar to me and I had never seen it in the house before.

I picked it up to see what was in it and was surprised by the weight. I opened the bag and gasped, I dropped the bag and stepped back. I missed the stool and fell backwards, knocking over a bunch of sheets on the way down.

"Valentina? Are you oka-" Andrei came rushing in and looked at me on the ground, he reached down to help me up.

"Yeah I'm fine I just-" I scrambled around to find the bag and hide it as quick as possible, but when I saw where it was it was too late. Right at his feet, wide open, was the bag filled with two huge bricks of coke. He looked down and immediately looked back at me.

"Is that-" He said with a concerned look on his face

"Yeah, it is" I said embarrassed, I knew exactly whose bag it was now. I was pissed.

"Listen it's not what you think, that's not mine. It's my- well it's complicated. We're not bad peo-oh my God I don't even know what to say right now" I grabbed the bag and zipped it up. I walked to my room and stuffed it under my bed. He followed close behind

"Hey, don't worry, I understand everyone's life is different, we gotta do what we gotta do. I don't think any less of you or your family" he moved close to me and looked into my eyes as he said this.


"Of course" he grabbed my waist with one hand and with the other pulled my chin up gently. I pushed my lips to his and he moved into it. He put his arms under my thighs and picked me up. He carried me over to the desk and sat me on the corner, not breaking the kiss. I passionately grasped his neck and pushed my fingers through his hair. He bent down and kissed my neck deeply. He sucked hard on my neck and I moaned

"That feels so good"

He chuckled into my neck and I could feel his smirk on my neck.

"Oh yeah?"

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