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Shout out to my Toledo readers if I have any! But if you do live in Toledo, Ohio comment!

Neveah P.O.V.

I've been thinking about that phone call that Michelle and I had. It just seems to suspicious, wait! One thing I don't understand is how she gone move to and not tell me? Or where she moved to!?!

"Babe you cool? " August asked concern.

I sighed, then I nodded.

"Just relax, we gone find her. " He said trying to make me relax.

I sighed once again.

He came over and kissed my forehead.

"Get some rest. " He said as he walked out our room.

I'm just stressed out, I can't be stressed because I'm fucking pregnant!

This is my fucking life...I guess!


Michelle P.O.V.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

"Hello? " I asked as I answered my phone.

"Michelle? " He asked.


"You doing a great job baby! " He said.

"Thank you, you need to leaver her quick deadass so we can be a family. "

"I'm working on that, you just gotta be patient, okay? " He asked.


"Look...after she has the baby boy, then that's when I can be a family with you. " He said.

"What about the baby boy? " I asked concerned.

"We gone have him to just be patient. " He said.

"Okay. "

"I gotta go. "

"Okay, see ya later August . "

Then he hung up.

I can't wait until we're a family!!

Then I can have is kids, instead of that bitch Neveah!

But it's cool, I'm gone be patient.

"I want my dwaddy and my mwommy! " Haizel whined.

"You'll be seeing your daddy, soon...soon baby. " I said smiling extra hard.

Just the thought August and I being a family just mad me extra happy!

I can't wait.


August P.O.V.

If this bitch Michelle think I'm gone be a family with her she must be crazy! I'm just using her to get Haizel quicker. But the bitch playing! She won't tell me where she live! She playing, I'm gone find quick to!

"Babe! " Neveah whined.

"Yes honey? " I asked.

"I'm sad.." She said making the puppy dog face.

I walked up to her and kissed her neck and rubbed her belly.

"It's gone be okay baby. "I whispered.

She nodded.

"Stay strong for the baby and Haizel. " I whispered.

She sniffed and nodded.

Then she went back upstairs.

Man this hard on both of us, we can't do this anymore! She been missing for a couple hours and we already going crazy!

This is just to much on a yungin', Michelle asking for to much.

Like bitch shut the fuck up!


Neveah P.O.V.

I over heard their conversation they had, I know it was with Michelle I'm gone pay close attention. I'm just gone act like I ain't hear nothing, like how I pulled "I'm sad..". I feel like I can't trust nobody, so after I get Haizel back I'm moving on, I just can't do this anymore. But let's just sit back and ride and we will see.

I laid down and continued watching BGC Redemption.

"Natalie gets on my fucking nerves! " I said now irritated.


As I watching the show I started to cry...Haizel I need you!!


I know this is short but hey!

But shout out to my Toledo readers if I have some!

Also, comment if you live in Toledo, Ohio!

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