Alex Finds Out

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Kara had gotten hurt badly. She managed to lose her powers from exerting her strength and had been laying in the sun bed for about an hour when you rushed in. 

"Kara! Are you okay, love? Is anything hurting? Should I get you something?"

She chuckled softly and then groaned loudly as it hurt to laugh.

"No. No. I'm good. I'm so glad you're here. I told Alex to call you and Lena. Where is she?"

"She had to take an emergency trip to deal with something in the Japan headquarters. She wanted to cancel the trip and wait until you got better but I thought you would prefer for her to actually go."

"I do. I'm happy that you're here though. Thank you for coming."

"You don't have to thank me. I wanted to make sure you were okay."

She smiles and pulls you in for a kiss.

"I am. I'll offer for you to join me in my bed but these lamps give killer tans."

"I'll just sit over here."

You grabbed a chair that was against the wall and moved it over to her side of the bed. The two of you talked about the day until she eventually had gotten a little tired and fell asleep.

Alex had come in to check on her and then left again after seeing that her power levels were increasing. It was still curious that Kara had asked for you and Lena but she didn't think much of it as she knew the three of you were close. She just didn't know how close you all were.

While Kara slept, you messaged Lena a picture with a caption stating that she was fine and that neither of you could wait for her to come back. You received a picture of landing in Japan and a quick messaging saying that she missed you. The two of you texted back and forth until you heard Kara start to wake up.

You watched as she stretched and mumbled something under her breath.

"I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that."

"Mm what time is it?"

You checked your watch before answering.

"It's 8:30. I'm sure Lena is still awake if you wanted to call her."

"I would love that very much."

She moved to sit on the edge of the hospital bed, pushing aside the machine that replicated the sun rays and took your phone to dial Lena's number. She put it on speaker so the three of you could talk.

"Kara, darling, how are you feeling?"

"Much better. The sun bed really helped me and I'm just waiting for Alex to come release me. We miss you. When are you coming home?"

"I'm not quite sure. I think in a day or so. Maybe the two of you could stay at my apartment. It'll make me feel much better that the two of you are there. The two of you have a key, right."

"Yep." The two answered in unison.

She laughed softly. "Great. I have to go. I'm glad you're feeling much better, Kara. I miss the two of you so much. (Y/n), make sure she doesn't get into any more trouble. I feel like Kara refused to listen to what Alex had told her and it's what got her in that bed."

Kara blushed brightly at Lena's words. Sometimes she hated that the two of you knew her so well.

"Will do! Call us when you're done. Love you."

"I love you too."

With that said, the two of you hung up. You stood up and moved to stand between her legs. 

"Mm. Maybe we can entertain her while she's there? We both know how bored she can get in those meetings." 

You wrapped your arms around her neck, looking up at her as you talked.

"I do love the way you think."

She leaned down to kiss you. The two of you had gotten lost in the kiss that neither of you hear Alex coming in.

"Kara, I was loo- Oh! I'm interrupting. I'll come back later."

Alex had been looking down at her clipboard that she didn't realize what was going on until she looked up. She cleared her throat and headed out of the room. Still trying to figure out what she had seen. Her sister had never shown any interest on other women. How could she miss this entirely? 

Kara groaned loudly, laying back down on the bed.

"We need to tell Lena that we weren't careful. It's just Alex. I'm sure she won't say anything."

You raised your eyebrow at her but didn't say anything as Alex came back in to talk to her about how she needed rest.

Hours later, and the two of you were laying on Lena's bed. Cuddling while the two of you watched a movie. You took a quick picture a sent it to Lena. Your eyes widened when her caller ID popped up on your phone. 

"You answer!"

"No, you! It's your phone."

Neither of you wanted to tell Lena that Alex had caught the two of you were kissing. You eventually gave in and answered the phone.

"Heeeey, Lena! What's going on?"

She could immediately spot that something was up with your answer.

"What did you guys do?"

You turned to face Kara as she did as well.

"We uh, we were caught by Alex kissing."

It took her so long for her to answer that the two of you thought that it had frozen.

"It's fine. It's Alex. She won't reveal it to anyone else. The two of you really need to be careful where you both put your hands inside your pants."

The two of you blushed brightly.

"We were just kissing! Nothing else."

"Mhm. I have to go. I love the two of you and please be careful. This time it was Alex. We don't want someone else to find out. I miss you."

"I love you!"

"I love you too."

She hung up and the two of you began to get ready for bed. It felt weird not having Lena besides you as you were always in the middle. It switched between the three of you but it always tended to be you in the middle.

It was just a good thing that Lena didn't freak out about the fact that Alex had found out. The three of you were going to be much more careful and no one else was going to find out. 

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