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"So you actually like him?" Yoongi asked for the hundredth time, still remaining in disbelief after his brother's confession. He thought he knew mostly everything about Jungkook, however after the younger told him he was sure he had feelings for Taehyung, Yoongi was taken by immense surprise.

"Do I have to repeat myself again?" Jungkook asked rudely, burying his head into his hands. "It isn't that difficult to understand, even for you."

"Well excuse my surprise," Yoongi shot back, rolling his eyes at his brother's rudeness. "This is coming from Mr. Men don't attract me. And especially you falling for a servant."

"Just make sure you don't tell your big-mouthed boyfriend," Jungkook said irritatedly, knowing that he probably sounded like an absolute fool after being so against the idea of men a week ago, compared to him confessing his attraction for a boy seven days later. "Jimin and Taehyung talk, and the last thing I need is Taehyung knowing. Got it?"

"No promises," Yoongi teased, before standing up from the chair in Jungkook's room as he walked over to the bedroom door, swinging it open. "If you do anything, you need to be careful. All eyes are on you now especially. Don't mess everything up for either one of you," he warned.

"I wasn't planning to," Jungkook mumbled, waiting until Yoongi left to leave him to his own thoughts.

His mind went back to yesterday's events, in which he poured his heart out to Taehyung. He never realised the servant could be that much of a source of comfort. The feeling he experienced as Taehyung wrapped his arms around him was indescribable. Despite the fact it made him feel vulnerable, Jungkook couldn't help but let himself be weak for that split second. He couldn't seem to pull away from the warmth of Taehyung's body, so instead he allowed himself to be looked after, only moving away once he'd ensured he felt much better again.

Jungkook admired how selfless Taehyung was. Even though his entire purpose of life was to serve other people, it was clear he hadn't thought twice about making sure the Prince was okay. Jungkook always told himself he loathed the people who put themselves after everyone. He thought it was simply impossible for someone to actually be selfless, since the Prince believed human nature to be everything similar to selfishness. Yet, he couldn't help but feel even more attracted towards Taehyung because of his kind personality; and because of how he effortlessly seemed to radiate positivity, warmth and empathy.

Yoongi had teased Jungkook earlier about having changed completely in the past week, and even if the younger had defiantly disagreed with his brother, he now realised there was no point in denying what Yoongi had said.

Kim Taehyung had unintentionally changed the ignorant Prince for the better.


"I told you he liked you!"

Taehyung mentally groaned at Jimin's expression of pure smugness, as he stared at both Seokjin and the younger, proving the point that he in fact hadn't made up the idea of Jungkook fancying the servant.

Taehyung had only just updated the pair about Jungkook as he explained how the Prince invited him into have breakfast with him, as well as the earlier events of Jungkook explaining all his worries to Taehyung.

Yet, the blue-haired boy doubted the possibility the Prince liked him. He believed Jungkook was only just acting friendly, or that he finally realised he required a friend to spill his troubles to, however the look evident on both of his friend's faces once he'd expressed how he very much doubted that Jungkook fancied him proved Seokjin and Park Jimin believed him to be absolutely mad.

"Are you actually serious, Tae?" Jin asked, adopting an unimpressed tone. "The facts are laid out before you and you still won't accept it."

"Yoongi has literally told me he likes you," Jimin confirmed, rolling his eyes at Taehyung's skeptical look. "Besides, is it so hard to believe? If I wasn't with Yoongi I'd date you."

Taehyung let out a loud snort at his friend's comment, shoving him in the process. However, Seokjin only shook his head in disbelief, continuing to prepare lunch.

"That wouldn't work, though. You're both bottom bitches."

Taehyung only shrugged, realising there was simply no point in denying the statement, yet Jimin attempted to look offended by placing his hand dramatically over his heart, before mumbling cuss words over towards Jin.

"I still can't believe Jungkook is capable of feeling emotions," Jimin acknowledged seconds later, facing Taehyung once again. "I mean, are you sure he didn't cry?"

The servant narrowed his eyes at the elder's lack of sympathy, before he opened his mouth to condescend him. "Don't be so mean, Jimin-ssi. This is why Jungkook doesn't open up to people often. They assume he's completely heartless, when absolutely no one is."

In all honesty, Taehyung did feel guilty for slipping out the part where Jungkook told the boy all his troubles, since he trusted the elder not to repeat any of his words to anyone. Yet, in the process of telling both Seokjin and Jimin, Taehyung couldn't help but accidentally slip it out, which caused him to feel intense regret.

Besides, he knew that if Jimin told Yoongi, the eldest Prince would obviously tease his brother about it which would lead to Jungkook barely trusting Taehyung.

"Jimin? Make sure you don't tell Yoongi anything, okay? Jungkook doesn't want anyone to know," Taehyung said with sincerity, wanting his friend to realise how important keeping his mouth completely closed actually was.

Jimin's quick nod was enough to reassure Taehyung that no one else would know about Jungkook showcasing his weakness, although the blue-haired boy felt nothing but guilt.

He felt guilty he'd betrayed Jungkook after the Prince had immediately placed all his trust with him.

And even when the topic of Jungkook swiftly moved on whilst Jimin discussed fruitless matters with Jin, Taehyung's mind continuously went back to the moment where Jungkook had looked at the boy with a friendly gaze as he uttered those six words.

"I'm glad I can trust you."

A/n: angst in tomorrow's chapter ;)

and also do yall think bts will enrol in the army next year?? tbh part of me wants them to have a break from constant concerts and stuff but then it's sad bc it'll be six years until they actually get together again. (and that's if they don't disband after jk comes back)

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