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"will it hurt?" the high-strung girl asked nervously, her feet bouncing up and down whilst hitting the tiled floors of the dentistry. her chest moved up and down heavily, rising more and more by the second as she prepared for the procedure.

"it might be a bit uncomfortable and you might not know exactly what you're saying when you wake up." joyce explained to eleven, running her hand through her shoulder-length locks in an attempt to comfort her.

"not know what i'm saying?" her eyes met her adoptive mother's for the first time since they arrived at the dentist. joyce nodded hesitantly, knowing an explanation would just confuse the bewildered girl even more.

"well during the surgery they'll put you under a medicine so you don't feel the pain, and it can make you act a little... strange." joyce worded wisely, causing el's head to tilt sideways.

"strange? how?" el faced joyce as she prepared to listen more intently, her fragile hands folding over her lap. just as joyce's mouth opened as if she was about to answer, the sound of a door opening caused el to flinch.

there a middle-aged man stood, a clipboard placed by his hip as he smiled generously at the mother and daughter, holding his hand out for the older woman to shake.

"hello, i'm dr. cardinal, you must be jane's mother. joyce, is it?," he gripped onto her hand, shaking it firmly as he sent her a tight-lipped grin. joyce nodded in return, exchanging kind words with the worker before he directed his attention to his young patient.

"and you're jane, nice to meet you. you just turned fifteen, is that right?" he affirmed, taking her trembling hand into his and giving it a light shake. el nodded quickly, her eyes casting downwards to her faded jeans that pressed against one of the many uncomfortable chairs in the waiting room.

"she's a bit nervous." joyce informed the man, nervously chuckling. joyce grabbed onto el's hand, giving it a comforting squeeze as her brown eyes remained glued to the ground.

"ah, everyone is before getting their wisdom teeth removed. you have nothing to worry about, jane, you're in good hands," he promised, proceeding to scribble letters onto the paper attached to the clipboard. she nodded once again, this time seeming more relaxed than before.

"why don't you come on back and follow me and we'll get started." he checked the watch on his wrist for a split second, and walked to the same door he had entered through. eleven stood up with shaking legs, inhaling deeply as her hands brushed against her pants.

but just before she entered the operation room, she quickly peered at her guardian from behind her shoulder, her eyes filled with fear as she did so.

but the moment she looked at the woman who had become a motherly figure to her over the past few months, she felt slight slivers and molecules of that feeling of hopelessness begin to disappear. with eyes that gloated with such waves of warmth and seas of contentment, the nerves that had boiled in the teenager's body began to simmer down to the bottom of her stomach that was once filled with a field of fluttering butterflies.

her eyes fluttered open slowly, squinting as they adjusted to the blaring ceiling lights above the cushioned chair. she groaned quietly, the pain flowing through her mouth feeling unbearable to a point of numbness. as she whipped her head around cautiously, she spotted will leaning against a counter, the boy struggling to stifle his laughter as he held a hefty camera in his arms.

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