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aight so if y'all didn't know, woojin left stray kids. it's for his own personal reasons that he didn't disclose—which he doesn't need to do unless he wants to—but his contract is now terminated.

when i tell you that my heart dropped it really did. after finding out the news i was on instagram reading what people had posted about woojin and almost started crying. while he wasn't my bias—not like that matters as i still love him—his voice was my absolute favourite in stray kids. i loved listening to him talk, i loved listening to him sing, i love his voice and everything about him. listening to his voice now hits differently. listening to him is more sentimental now, especially his covers.

if woojin ever comes back in anyway you best believe i will give him all the support and love he deserves and needs, while he may not physically be apart of stray kids anymore, he's still in everyone's hearts.

while we can't say "ot9 or nothing" anymore, in a sense it's still valid.

as whether to not i'm keeping him in any of my stray kids stories, it's a yes, i've deeply rooted him in some of my stories, and if i'm being honest my heart too.

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