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im back. sorry. you might want to reread the last couple of chapters.

"I think I have an idea." tyler's ears perked up at jenna's voice and his eyes and body filled with hope. however, that little hope that he had, vanished.

"I don't deserve anything from you Jen." tyler whispered sadly. he saw Jenna roll her eyes and lifted his chin up with her freshly painted nails.

"stop self sabotaging yourself, that's not very cash money of you. I told you i'm dealing with it. besides, I think I need to find me a girl. I'm tired of men and i'm tired of faking orgasms. no offense." the blonde said while snickering. 

Tyler grinned widely and spoke. "none taken. I was tired of picturing matthew gray gubler while hitting it from the back."

a pillow flew to tyler's face hitting him gently. "shut up!" jenna cried out from embarrassment. "you're lucky I didn't poke a hole in the condom, trap you for life."

a shy smile appeared on the brunette's face. "our kid would've been really fucking beautiful." he gleamed.

jenna smiled sadly. "yeah. it would've." she sobered up and grabbed her notebook and a pen. jenna got up and walked towards the dining room table and tyler followed closely behind her. once they sat down, jenna opened her notebook.

"so here's what I was thinking.." Jenna trailed off, voice bright and bubbly.

while the blonde was mapping out every inch of what she had inside of her mind, tyler sat there astonished.

he really hoped this worked.

all he wants is josh back.

he needed josh back.

tyler hadn't had much of an appetite since last night. he stared at his breakfast sandwich he had gotten 20 minutes ago at dunkin. his nerves were out of control and he felt a panic attack bubbling inside of him. he swallowed thickly and put the breakfast sandwich back in the wrapper and tossed it in the backseat of his jeep.

the time was 7:30AM when tyler finally got out of his car. he had 10 minutes to find darren and touch bases with him.

the brunette saw the hazel eyed boy walking with mia in the parking and sped walked towards him. he softly tapped darren's shoulder and watched him turn around.

a smile appeared on the others face. "hey man! I just read your text from last night, I don't understand why you and josh are up at crackhead hours i'm literally asleep at 10:30 every night." darren said amusingly.

tyler laughed awkwardly and scratched the back of his head. "are you in?" he asked him curiously.

darren looked at mia and grinned cheekly. "duh!"

his eyes filled wide with hope and he let out a breath of relief. "you will?" he said almost unconvinced. darren giggled before responding. "of course tyler. that short time you and josh were together, that boy was the happiest he's ever been. this whole situation isn't bettering neither of you. now go get your boy back."

tyler pulled darren in for a hug. "thank you dar." he whispered. once they pulled apart darren said sternly, "but if you pull another stunt like the one you did, I will not hesitate to chop off both balls and feed them to the chickens."

tyler's eyes widened and he held up his hand. "I solemnly swear." he promised. darren patted his back. "atta boy. now which lake am I meeting you and jenna at again?"

lunch rolled around and tyler was pacing the room while kids rolled in. he spotted josh walk in with hayley and his heart was beating so fast, he was pretty sure the whole cafeteria could hear it.

"ty?" jenna started as she rubbed his back gently. "you're okay bub. you got this. just walk up and ask him honey." she soothed gently. tyler squeezed her hand before making his way to where josh was sitting. he got halfway there before he stopped dead in his tracks.

it was all wrong.

josh deserved to be with someone who was free. and tyler wasn't free.

without a second thought in his mind, tyler hopped up on the table, ignoring jennas yells of concerns.

"listen up!" tyler yelled, getting attention from everyone. he made eye contact with josh whose face was full of confusion.

tyler took a deep breath before speaking. "I just wanted to let everyone know that i'm fucking gay and if you have a problem with that you know where i'll be." he admitted, hands trembling. it was silent for a moment before everyone went back to their previous conversations.

"you just came out. you fucking came out." jenna said proudly to tyler once he hopped down from the table.

tyler nervously nodded. "I did didn't I?" he confirmed proudly. he suddenly felt a tap on his shoulder and turned around to see josh standing there.

"tyler—" josh trailed with a voice tyler couldn't quite make out. without a thought, since he wasn't doing much of those, he spoke to josh. "go out on a date with me?" he asked the boy.

josh was taken back. astonished, he replied. "what?" he asked dazed and confused.

"I said," tyler started taking a step closer to josh. he could almost feel his breath on his. "go out on a date with me. tonight. there's so much I need to say and so much I need to apologize for. please let me take you on a date." he pleaded to the older.

josh, not knowing what to say or do, looked at darren who nudged his arm with a warm smile. turning his attention back to tyler, he let out a shaky breath.


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