A Student Teacher Love Affair

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A Student Teacher Love Affair


Chapter 1

USA, Kansas

Dirty Thirty! Those were the words that rang through Kaitlyn Smith’s head all day, as she tried to get through class after class of teaching her high school students.  Dirty Thirty was what her friend Jules affectionally called her for-lay from her 20’s to her now thirties.  The uncountable shots of tequila the previous night had not been kind to her--with a throbbing headache all day, she wished she would have called out--but Kaitlyn never missed a day of work.  She made it easy on herself that day by having her classes break up into groups to study during class for the upcoming test. Students studied and gossiped while she sipped her always refilled cup of coffee to get her through.  When the bell rang ending school for the day, she exhaled a sigh of relief.

“Everyone, turn your desk back around before leaving. Bye.” She called after the students as they hurriedly raced to freedom from the classroom.

“Ms. Smith?  Ms. Smith?”

Oh god.  Kaitlyn did not want to be bothered as she made her way down the hall-- almost to the door--ready to leap in her car and drive off.  Kaitlyn knew the students loved her, for she was one of the younger teachers, and always open and happy with the kids.  She wanted to pretend she didn’t hear the student call her name, and rush out, for the voice sounded way in the distant. She could get away with it ... but what if one of her kids needed something?  She plastered on a smile, and turned around.  A man, who wasn’t a student by any means, dressed in slacks, and a crisp white buttoned down shirt was walking towards who.  Who is this? Kaitlyn thought.  He’s far to young to be one of the kids father.

“Ms. Smith, sorry to bother you on your way out.  I had to stop by and say hello,” the handsome young man said.  For the life of Kaitlyn, she couldn’t figure out who he was.  He continued smiling, as did Kaitlyn, cocking her head curiously--hoping he’d drop a clue.

“You don't remember me, do you?” He said, still smiling.

“I’m sorry, no.” She felt guilty, but knew he might be a past student. “You were in one of my classes?”

“Yes, I was.  You were my favorite class.  Chase.” 

After not getting a look of recognition from Kaitlyn, he continued.  “Chase Brock. Year 2007. I was in your very first class junior year.”

“Oh, Chase! How are you?”  Feeling guilty that she forgot a student, she went to give him a hug.  How could she forget Chase Brock?  He had graduated a semester early and was so much more maturer then the other kids in class. Detailed. Always had his work in on time, or earlier.  Carried a planner with him.  Had ambition about him. He stood out.

“I’m good Ms. Smith.” Chase said after separating from the hug. “I’m back in town.”

“Back in town from where?”

“I started a t-shirt business in college.  It’s been a success. After graduating college in Boston, I lived a year overseas for my business.

“That’s fantastic!  What kind of t-shirts?”

“It’s sports t-shirts. It started for soccer players with witty sayings, but it’s evolved for all sports.

Kaitlyn remembered he was a star soccer player in high school, and had got a scholarship.

“And you moved back here?”