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Anaphora sat back in her throne with a satisfied smirk on her pale face. Her plan was playing out perfectly. With Mosaic waiting to her every need, and her misty innerspace flourishing, this would be too easy.
A burly man raced in.
"Anaphora," he panted. "Luke is being incompetent! He refused to drink the potions, he wouldn't eat his meal, and he didn't even change into the bonding garments!"
Anaphora frowned. She was not used to people not listening. Most people either listened to her, or paid the price. Luke was doing neither.
"Are you telling me," Anaphora said scowling "That the most important part of our plan is not working!"
"Um.." Mosaic fumbled. "Yes?"
"No!" Anaphora screeched, as her voice rang out, trapping Mosaic against the wall. "You will find another target, get her, and bring her to me. And this time, you will not mess it up. Or..." Anaphora twirled her finger, giving off mist. "You know what will happen."

Authors Note:
Hello people.
This is a sample of the story, hope you like it.
It's kinda short so hopefully chapter 1 will be longer.
Remember to comment or vote if you like the prologue!
-@ItsAllAboutTheHair (Kate Lightwood)

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