Chapter 17- The Sleepover❤️

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The rest of the week went pretty normal, I ignored my brothers for most of it

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The rest of the week went pretty normal, I ignored my brothers for most of it. And only came out of my room for school and meals. The reason I was always in my room was, I was on facetime very single night to my Arizona friends. And I had alot of homework to finish.

It is now lunch on Friday. I am sat with Chloe and Maya, we are all waiting for Harper to come. We all have this rule, we can't eat until we are all on the table. So Harper is late and I can't eat my tomato pasta that is nearly cold. I also can't eat my grapes that are at the side. I sigh and lean on face on my hand.
"Where the hell is she?" Maya says as she looks at her fries. I sigh and then Chloe speaks up
"Let's just eat, and is Harper comes we can explain!" she says as she takes one of Maya fries. You see, Chloe always brings her own lunch and then eats our food as well. Me and her have that in common, we are big foodies. Maya smacks her hand away as chloe takes 3 fries. I laugh and then we start to eat. We are almost done when Harper comes running up.
"I'm so sorry I was not at lunch, this boy asked me to have lunch with him.." she says as she looks at me.
"Your telling us everything tonight!" Maya says as she hits Harpers back and goes to the bin. I laugh and get up, to take my rubbish to the bin. I pat her shoulder and smile.
"Oh guys, meet me at my brothers car at the end of the day." I say as I grab my bag and go off to Science. I enter science to see Aiden already sat down, which is a surprise to me. I sit next to him and he smiles at me. I smile back and grab out a pen.
"So, you single?" He says to me out of the blue. I look at him in disbelief.
"Yes, but you have no chance!" I say as I put my bag under my desk.
"Why's that?" He says as he looks into my green eyes. I scoff and look at him dead in the eyes.
"I've got 11 brothers!" I say and he looks taken back, this hasn't been the first time this has happened.
"Wow, well I'm not scared of them. I'll take my chances. I mean, your beautiful!" He says as he looks into my eyes once more
"Stop being a flirt and lets get on!" I say as he turns around, not noticing that there is a science sheet he needs to fill in. I laugh as his eyes widen. I get my pen, of my desk and start to fill out the sheet.

Once I'm done, I get up and walk out of the class room. I meet up with Harper and we talk about the boy she met at lunch.
"His name is Aiden and he has Hazel eyes and brown hair, he is a dream!" she says I stop in my tracks.
"That idiot!" I say as he turns around.
"What's wrong?" she says I look at her and we keep on walking.
"In science today, he was proper flirting with me. Aiden I mean!" I say as he eyes widen.
"I bet he is a F boy, if he jumps from girl to girl." he says as we reach my brothers car. I smile and Collin and then Maya and Chloe come up.
"Collin, this is Chloe, Maya and Harper!" I say, he nods and I gesture for the girls to get in the car. They nod and we all get in. Th girls in the front an dim squished between Emmet and Logan. I smile at them and Collins starts to drive us home. I meet the girls at the front of the house and I can see they are shocked. I laugh and I push them forward so we can walk in. I open the door and Lydia comes to us.
"Lydia, this is Harper, Chloe and Maya." I say as they shake hands. Then dad comes in, he nods at me. Meaning that he heard what I just said.
"We are gunna go upstairs!" I say as I arce upstairs with the girls behind. I smile as I get to my room door, open it and let the girls in. I smile as they see my room. You see, it's quite big so it's quite impressive.
"We are having pizza for Dinner and I have snacks in my mini fridge so please, help yourself!" I say as I take a can of Pepsi and throw them to the girls. Even though, I have known them for, what 5 days. I know them so well. I laugh as Maya drops hers.
"Yeah, I'm not gunna open that for a while!" she says as she puts the van of Pepsi back and gets another one. We all laugh as I sit on my bed, they all stand.
"You can sit down?" I say/ASK. Chloe joins me on the bed and the other too on the sofa.
"So, Harper. About that boy?" Maya says as she wiggles her eyebrows I laugh at Maya and Harper takes a deep breath. Me and Chloe look at each other.
"OK so, his names Aiden. He is very cool and cute. But then I learned that he was flirting with Rose in class!" she says and they all look at me.
"Yeah, Aiden was asking if I was Single and called me beautiful!" I say as the others gilr laughs.
"Ha, I mean your are beautiful it's just. He sounds like a f boy!" Maya says as she walks over to her bag.
"Now, I'm not comfy so let's get into our pj's!" she says. We all agree. I go into he closet, Maya goes toy he bathroom and Chloe and Harper change in the big room, but Chloe changes behind my wall do that Harper cabt see her. I walk out to see Maya, Harper and Chloe sat on the couch. I see that they have all got on oversize shirts on and we all laugh when we see each other.
"We should take pics!" I say as I grab my phone. They all agree and we go down to the pool area, taking pictures of each other. (On Rosabells instagram : x.rosabell.x)
"Oh hey, cuties here again!" I look to see who said that when I met with he familiar blue eyes. The next door neighbour.
"For your information my name is Rosabell, Rose for short!" I say as I crops my arms and look at him. He raises an eye brown and then goes back inside. The girla laugh.
"You just set him straight!" they all say together. They look at each other and start to laugh, I laugh with them and we start to make our way inside. Then it hits us, the smell of pizza. We all run into the kitchen to see the animals (Brothers and step brothers) already digging into pizza. We go over an get out cheese pizza. Trust me, I love toppings but there are non left so I had to get cheese. Once we are done we go up and chill for a bit. Eating chocolate and sweets, drinking pepsie and watching twight.
"I'm team Edward!" Chloe says as she chews some sweets.
"Nah I'm team Jacob!" Maya and Harper says. Then they look at me
"I'm with Chloe!" I say and me and Chloe high five! Soon, we all fall asleep me and Chloe on the bed, with no covers and chocolate around us and Harper and Maya on the bed.
Hello! Are you team Edward or Jacob? This is also one of the longest chapters I have written! - PurpleSlothStories ❤️

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