part 4

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It's Friday and all my classes are done. I just walk upstairs as someone bumps into me.
"Aah!" I scream when I fall back, down the stairs.

Just in time, someone grabs my hand. "Are you alright?" my hero asks. I look up to see that Blaise Zabini caught me. I frown at him. "Blaise? What are you doing close to the Gryffindor tower?"
"You know, I can walk here. Just walk. I don't need permission to do that."
I roll my eyes. "Okay. Have you talked to Draco lately?"
"Why?" Blaise asks.
"Just... does he seem tense?"
"Ophelia, since when do you care about your brother?"

I grab Blaise's arm and pull him with me to a safe spot where no one will hear us. "You Know Who is back." Blaise's eyes grow big. "Harry Potter was - right?"
"How did your mom not tell you this?"
"My mom isn't a death eater, unlike your mom. She only thinks that he's right about a lot of things..."

A short silence. "Anyway, maybe you should hang out with the Slytherins more. They're gonna have your back when Voldemort shows himself in public."
Blaise's glare is dangerous. "You wouldn't want them to think you're with the enemy." He walks away.

I lower myself against the wall behind me. After a minute, I get up again, and walk out of the small corridor. I swallow audibly when Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger stand before me.
"Hi," I say and walk past them.
"What were you doing there, Malfoy?" Ron shouts. I blink to keep the tears away.
"Nothing," I say.
"Ron, quit it," Hermione whispers. "You realize she's only in Gryffindor because she's spying on us."
"God darn it Ron, could you be any more dumb?" Hermione asks. "The sorting hat isn't a death eater." Hermione walks to me. "Hey, Ophelia." Ron and Harry walk away. "I just wanted to say sorry about Ron. He's grumpy all the time..."

"You should hate me," I say.
Hermione frowns. "What?"
"I said you should hate me. My brother insults you everyday for being a muggleborn. I never understood what was wrong about that, I think it's beautiful, but it's how we're raised. Please don't blame Draco. He would've been a better person if he would've been raised by other people."

"No," Hermione says, coldly. "It's what he is. A spoiled, mean, brat." She looks at me. "I don't think you're like him. But don't defend him. He's not worth it."
I nod. "Thanks, Hermione."
She smiles and pats me on the back "And - don't overthink Ron's words. He didn't mean what he said."
"I don't know, he sounded pretty sure of himself."
Hermione laughs. "Yes. He did. But he was angry at Umbridge.
"Is that a good excuse?" I ask her, raising an eyebrow.
"For Ron it is," Hermione sighs. "I'm sorry he treated you like that. I'm sorry we've all treated you like that."

I take a deep breath. "It's okay."
"No it's not. Please... join us tomorrow in Hogsmeade."
My eyes grow big. "Really? You'd want me to join?" She smiles. "It's the least I can do."
"Hermione... does this mean we're - uhm - you know - friends?"
She smiles again "We'll see after tomorrow."

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