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Red. Everything was red. And there was blood everywhere. Two figures next to each other lying in pools of blood. They were face down but Taehyung knew they were Jungkook's parents.

Jungkook was next to another body, a boy a bit older than them, and Taehyung was sure that that was Jungkook's brother. There was blood all over his shirt and it looked like all of it came from a wound on his neck where a part of his skin was missing and the red flesh could be seen.

Taehyung was practically forced to take in the sight and the smell, he couldn't look away no matter how much he wanted to. The smell of decay was strong and Taehyung felt his stomach turning and he knew he was gonna puke. And he did just that while Jungkook continued screaming and sobbing.

"They're dead!"

Taehyung whipped his mouth after there was nothing more to throw up. He was disgusted and Jungkook was devastated. It seemed like they were there forever.

Eventually, Taehyung managed to drag Jungkook outside.

"Taehyung they're all dead!"

Taehyung stayed quiet and continued dragging Jungkook away.

"Taehyung they were killed!" Jungkook screamed and they halted.
Taehyung was much calmer now. He knew he needed to keep Jungkook and himself safe. The younger obviously wasn't about to be okay with seeing his family dead and presumably murdered so Taehyung needed to be strong for them. He mastered that skill a long time ago. Ever since Jungkook became his friend, Taehyung felt the need to protect him as he was two years older.

He grabbed the younger by the shoulders, "Jungkook, look around!" He listened to him. They were in the park, the same one in which Taehyung found Jungkook after his parents threw him out. It was completely empty, not a soul in the sights. Which was weird because the park was filled with children during the day. Now a bit disturbed, Jungkook frantically looked around.

There was no one besides them. Absolutely no one. Anywhere.

"Wait... It's so empty here... Taehyung what is happening? Do you- Do you think that what," he gulped, "whatever happened to my parents..." He wasn't able to finish, choking on his words.

"Somethin is happening yeah," Taehyung confirmed. "And it's not good."

 He bit his lip, "I'm not sure what we should do. We got no idea what is happening here and no way of knowing. It's like apocalypse man."

Jungkook was still looking around but he nodded in agreement at Taehyung's words.

"It really is like an apocalypse here. There's blood here and there and everywhere. What the hell even happened? A murderer on the loose?"

"It feels like half of the city was killed. But maybe everyone evacuated. I doubt they would if it was just one person though."

"So what happened? A terrorist attack?"

"It's weird how there are no dead bodies outside. But a lot of doors on the houses we passed by were opened," Taehyung kept calm and collected while he laid out facts.

"So not a terrorist attack?"

"I feel like there would be more fire or something then."

"Don't tell me..." Junkook paled even more if possible. "A-a zombie outbreak?!"

Taehyung gave him a look but he couldn't really deny the possibility. The situation was already crazy enough and he couldn't let things surprise him too much. Especially if he wanted to stay alive.

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