The Love that Wasn't supose to happen

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The love that wasn't suppose to happen

Buzz Buzz Buzz. The light and the vibration of my cell phone woke me up I open my eyes and reached my cell. I opened my cell to see who it was, I saw the number and it was my Best friend Camii. Her real name is Chamomile but I call her Camii, it's just more exciting that way.

Camii U comin' today?

Me: Yupp! XD

Camii: kk! Meet me @ the steps k?

Me: Sure! :p

Camii: Cool! Talk 2 u l8r ciao!

I closed my phone and went to the bathroom I opened the shower and got in. I washed my hair and body and I just stood there in the shower for a while letting the hot water run down my cold body, it was so soothing and relaxing I wanted to stay in here the whole day. Then my alarm clock went off. "ohh!" I groaned and got out of the shower, dried myself off and brushed my hair and teeth then I blow dried my hair semi-dry, so it looked puffy but not too puffy.

10 minutes later..."Hmm...What to wear what to wear?" I stroked my chin as if I had a beard, "oh! I know! I'll wear my nice pair of red jeans with my new high tops shoes" I just got them yesterday when I when shopping with my mom and sister, we bought a lot of things.

5 ½ minutes later... "okay so got those on, now what top do I wear?" I looked through my draws and I saw my knew shirt I got yesterday too, I laughed out loud of my thought. "What do I put on top now???? Hmmm.... Oo I know! Yes that perfect!" I told myself while I went to my closet to get out my new shirt thingy I got from my best friend. There's this cute thing in back of the shirt thingy that looks like it was hand made it was beautiful.

So I pulled that on and stared down the stairs to get something to eat. I walked into the kitchen made myself a bowl of yummy cereal. Cheerio's to be more specific with honey on top of them. Yum I thought.

I took a glass from the cupboard and went to the fridge to get some orange juice "Eww!" My sister yelled at me and I nearly spat out my juice from my nose and mouth, she A) came out of nowhere and B) she cared the shit out of me.

"What?" I said with a not know what was going on smile

"Nothing! Why are you drinking juice when you are eating a bowl of cereal with milk inside? that's like eww sis. That's so not right! GOD AM I THE ONLY NORMAIL ONE IN THIS FAMILY!" she yelled out the last part and stormed off.

"Who woke up on the wrong side of the bed today?" I said.

"Herd that!" she yelled from the living room.

"Good you were meant to here it!" I laughed and finished up my last bite of cereal. "Okay mom I'm off now love you bye!" I yelled from the bottom of the staircase.

" WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! Honey hold on!" she said running down the staircase.

"What? Imma be late for school ma." I said in an Italian accent. Yup you just it right I'm Italian.

"I Have something for you baby!" she said in a total excitement.

"What?" u asked ask all confused.

"Did you forget baby doll it's your birthday today! You were so excited a couple of days ago I can't believe you forgot your own birthday. Now that's funny." she laughed "Happy sweet 16 sweetheart!" she whispered into my ear as she hugged me tight. "Come come sweetheart I want to give you your gift" she brought me outside, I looked up and there was a super nice car awaiting me, with a big bow on it. "OMG" I screeched. I hugged my mother tight and ran to the car. It was a red ( Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorina. I opened the door and my dad yelled out surprise sweaty. I hugged him tight. "thank you! So much! Mom, dad" I hugged them both at the same time. "this is perfect no more bus ya!"

"I'm glade you like it sweetheart I want so sure this is what you wanted, but your mother told me to get this one, because you love the color red on a car and because you wanted a Ferrari. GO on now your gonna be late!" he said throwing me the keys, I caught them and said bye and drove off to school.

I pulled up into the schools packing lot in my brand new Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorina I parked the car and looked around to see everyone outside staring at me. I mean everyone including some of the new student teachers. So I took my bag from the passage side and throw it over my shoulder as I got out of the car. Funny as I got out I put my new awesome sun glasses that I found on the dash board. Everyone had there gaze on me, I even saw Camii, stand up from the steps to see who it was that got out of the new Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorina car.

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