Chapter 35

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Their heads shot up, and Benji immediately pulled away from the other boy forcefully, making Jorge's shoulders slump down a bit. There was only one spark of light, but with Benji's experience with paparazzi on vacation, it was a camera flash. Panic and worry shot through his veins, and as Jorge pulled him off the hill by a grip on his wrist he couldn't stop thinking. A pumping feeling echoed inside his skull, his vision going in and out.

No... no... no...

Not like this.

They no doubt got picture before and after the flash, the news sources would sink their teeth right into this. In a matter of minutes those pictures could be out. In a matter of minutes that promise Benji made would be ruined.

Camilla and Fiona's voices jostled around in his head, and the four of them were running at this point, but all Benji could feel was the striking collision with the pavement on every step he took.

The rain-turned-drizzle around them didn't stay, instead it transformed into a full on downpour, soaking their clothes in heavy rain.

The three of them could tell Benji wasn't mentally there, his words came out in sputtered messes, and when asking a question they'd end up repeating it multiple times. So Jorge just pulled him along, his palm gripping Benji's so hard it was as if his life depended on it.

The deepening surge of agonizing anxiousness pulled back a bit, when they reached the truck they came in on. Camilla looked over her shoulder before hoisting Fiona into the storage vehicle, and helping Jorge with Benji.

All Jorge could do was confirm the truck goes back in a few minutes, as Camilla pulled the closing door shut behind them.

Everyone was a jostled mess. Benji laid on the ground with his head in Jorge's lap, muttering some useless knowledge about birds from when he was a kid. But the rest ignored it, his mind wasn't in the right place. Fiona just paced to and fro in the truck, her nails inches away from her teeth, threatening to be bitten.

"Fiona, c'mon. Just sit down it'll be fine." Camilla beckoned, patting the metal floor right next to her.

"Do you realize what we just did? Oh my god. We're gonna be in so much trouble." Her pacing quickened, going back and forth at such a speed that even Benji snapped out of his funk to notice.

Letting out a deep breath, Camilla just stood up and walked over to the other girl. She debated in her head about grabbing her hand, but wouldn't wrist be mor efficient? So Camilla's fingers laced around Fiona's wrist, pulling her back to where she was sat before.

It was a small movement, but Benji and Jorge made eye contact, sharing a glace of expressions nobody could place.

Everything just felt off.

But the vehicle lurched to a start, pulling the weight of the four who seriously needed dry clothes.


Good mornin 😜

guess who didn't sleep

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